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Tesla’s market capitalization record is worth more than a Volkswagen

With more than 100 billion, the Home of Palo Alto is second only to Toyota

DS 3 long stem, Led Lights active matrix: the dazzling always but where you...

The premium brand of the French port on the compact Crossover Led lighting Vision to the active matrix; security technology capable of making lots of light is always “right”, limiting the beam to where you need it

WRC 2020. Monte-Carlo. Because from Neuville?

Season 2020. Many innovations and renovations, disruption of training, expectations, perspectives, and “plans” of the inevitable “spinning” of the objectives. Talk about everything, but why not start by... what remains of the”old”?

The Jeep Renegade and the Compass: the prices of the plug-in hybrid

Over by the summer of 2020 versions Hybrid 4xe have the hybrid system the rechargeable battery pack with 240 HP: 50 km electric range.

Suzuki Jimny: for 2020 is already exhausted

Sold in a few days all the specimens of the small off-road Suzuki Jimny destined for Italy.



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Carlos Ghosn: “Nissan will fail by 2022”

Flying rags: according to his lawyer, the former strong man of the Nissan saw the black on the future of the company, who was driving, in anticipation of the bankruptcy within a couple of seasons

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA | super Quadrifoglio from 620 HP to...

For the moment, it is only a rumor, but at the next Geneva motor show 2020 Alfa Romeo may have a variant in the GTA of the Giulia Quadrifoglio: a monster 620 HP ready to take back the scepter to the Ring, but also to demonstrate how technology Italian engine can be superior to the German one...

Giulietta Alfa Romeo, coming a new version?

After it was announced his likely departure from the scene, the Giulietta may instead evolve in a new version thanks to a platform shared with PSA

Mercedes E-Class: the redesign is almost ready

Many changes to the Mercedes e-Class And that will affect style, multimedia and engines. Will be in delivery from the summer of 2020.

Audi Q5: the lightweight hybrid for the 2.0 TDI

Versions 30, 35 and 40 of the Audi Q5 earn a system mild hybrid to 12 V. also New to the range of suv German.

Turin, Tangenziale North and South: new speed Cameras

Installed two new fixed speed Cameras, which will be active in a few days

Rome: collapses the demand for diesel cars

The first effects of the blocks determined from the Capitol: hangs the request of the cars to diesel, and there is growing concern of the dealers

Germany: Mitsubishi under investigation

Under the lens of public Prosecutor of Frankfurt, gone are the data on diesel emissions

Toyota: maxi-recalling for airbag faulty

According to the american NHTSA, 3.4 million cars are equipped with airbags may not work correctly.

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Are the Motors 53 million with crowd funding

She continues: “the dream” of the young German startup that wants to put in production the solar electric Zion.

Rome is the second city busiest in the world

In 2018, the motorists of Rome have lost in traffic jams 254 hours-to-head. Bad, and even Milan, in seventh place in the standings with 226 hours.

Factory FCA of monte Cassino: in February, the other 4 days of the layoff

In February, the announced the other 4 days of layoff in establishments FCA Cassino

Discount scrap car state in the Nineties: cases, to double the scheme also includes the euro5

It would be a sprint from the one hypothesized to push the auto industry as at the end of the Nineties: via even the (excellent, if well-kept) Euro5 with bonus scrapped by the government and auto manufacturers

The Centro Studi Promotor: needs new scrappage scheme

The Centro Studi Promotor hopes for a great campaign scrappage scheme for the purchase of new cars, also to supply traditional.

Geneva 2020: all absences excellent

The festival of motoring a time prestigious stages to the news today seem to be of little interest to the builders. No exception the Beauty of Geneva 2020: this is who we will be

Peugeot: from 205 to 208. But what happened to the 209?

The first Peugeot of the series 2 was the 205, was founded in 1983. The model then evolved: 206, 207, 208 first-generation and, finally, the new 208. We'll tell you about the 37-year history of the model

Traffic blocks for the Euro 6 diesel: useless and harmful

Gaetano Thorel, director general of the PSA, Italy, spoke on the decision of the Municipality of Rome.

New Ferrari on the street: here’s the truck to scream (812 GTO?) with the logo of Maranello ready to debut

He speaks from time, and could arrive in the final version shortly. A new supersport version, also use the track, Ferrari 812: TDF, or GTO, the codes possible. Over 800 HP

Gaetano Thorel (PSA Italy): “the Block of the Diesel? Illogical”

The director general of PSA Italy works on the latest restrictions for diesel-powered cars in cities like Rome and Turin