CIRT19. Hyundai Rally Team Italia. The Return of the Shingle

Verona, June 2019. Someone is considered to be already a “union of fact”, given that he had been offered the “test” at the Rally Adriatico played at the beginning of May, but it is evident that the official ceremony was less opportune. And on the other hand, useful as it is interesting verification, and “mapping” of a concrete project and complex and involves much more of an important unit of sharing.
Officially born in Verona, on the 7th of June, therefore, the Hyundai Rally Team Italia. The three main actors that lead to the scene agonistic Italian: Hyundai Motorsport’s Customer Racing, Hyundai Italy, SA Motorsport, for the revival on the stage of the national Rally Championship in the Land of the pair of the two characters announced, Umberto Scandola, with Guido D’amore, and Hyundai.
The plan is complex and of high level, and brings together, in Italy the commitment of many and complex matrices, even at the international level, in a common goal and with the aspirations and the highest. The resulting root of the Project, not let it so long, is the one that brings in fact, Umberto Scandola and Guido d’amore in their “natural environment”.

Scandola and the Navigation historic, then will be at the controls of the Hyundai i20 R5 New Generation the official and at the start of the Italian Championship Rally Earth. There is desired, but as explained by Umberto and Riccardo Scandola, to simplify this is to say the Arm and the Mind of the Faniglia, the decision of the first hour had to follow a not very short procedure of definition of the “memorandum of understanding”, as always in these cases full of “intervals” of bureaucracy. Here’s how it went that, even before the official beginning of the “marriage”, the new couple went on their honeymoon to run the Rally Adriatico, Umberto and Guido jumping in the cabin of the i20 R5 of the neonascente Team to the last, very last minute.

As are the actors. Shingle looking for a official wheel. Hyundai Motorsport’s Customer Racing of course at the disposal of a Customer Sports, so high-level, Hyundai Italy, the sensitive issue of the Korean House in our Country, decided to renew in the Italian Rally Championship, the “contract” for the promotion of the Brand among Fans with a new program. After the operation that resulted in Gabriele Tarquini in the Title of the World Champion WTCR is the time of Umberto Scandola in the CIRT, Italian Rally Championship, the Earth.

Pearls of wisdom.
“We believe in the Product and we’re confident we can do great things”. Riccardo Scandola

“Beautiful things are always difficult. During the winter we worked hard. Today I am proud and ready to be at the height. A Car very fast.” Umberto Scandola

“We want to bring people into this wonderful Sport. We are young, we come to the last but there we are and there we were as soon as possible. In our own way, with passion. I think that the winning operation with Gabriele Tarquini is a beautiful demonstration.” Paul Hoped For, Hyundai Italy.

“We are competitive and we still have a lot of room for improvement. It is not a mystery that the money for the Motorsport arrvano from the Marketing. We need to configure our business to meet a wide range of stakeholders. We will not leave a single opportunity to grow. Now, for example, we’ll take Sébastien Loeb at the Rally of Alba, and is not the only initiative.”

The Customer Racing Hyundai was founded with the purpose clear, to widely distribute the sporty image of Hyundai at regional and national level. The first car designed with this purpose is the i20 R5, the Customer Racing is not a center do cost but must produce, in addition that results and technological progress, also a minimum of the economy. In this way, the Machinery, the activities and the results are shown on a bigger window.” Andrea Adam.

Umberto Scandola.
“Come on, we went a little long, but there we are. Not technical reasons, only bureaucratic issues. With Hyundai, we have spoken and we agreed since January, the goal was exactly what has been done. Only that it is not easy, because when you are talking with major Companies like Hyundai, get the signature of the contract requires its time. But here we are!”

Because the Land and not in the CIR?
US: “Essentially a matter of timing. We knew that we would have been too long for the CIR, and we would have been starting that were not ready on almost the whole line, Auto, Structure, Preparation, knowledge. We thought that the Earth is a good starting point, and then now I would say that it also has a great return of image.!

That might be winning, because the fact is that the Earth is a significant leap
US. “Not only, then, there is the personal matter of preference for the Earth. And still they are years that I agree with the need for a CIR “true”, a calendar structured with at least half of the Races on the Earth. The interest shown by fans and insiders to the Trial onset and the Adriatic, would seem to prove it. Of course I’m delighted. The Rallies are a comparison of the fantastic, between Cars, Drivers, Tires. It is clear that the more complete the range of situations proposed by the Tournament and the more trusted the “verdict” at the end.”

And, however, your predilection for the Earth is not in the mystery, and then the new Program would be particularly congenial
US: “Yes, of course, for their devotion to the Earth, for time and opportunity, there is no doubt that the Project like a glove. More is especially suited to bind favorably to most circumstances and interpreters. Now we start really, really is, and to point in no uncertain terms, is not a matter of presumption, to the highest goal!”

Sampled Italian Rally Terra – Calendar
03-04 may – 26° Rally Adriatico (An)
13-16 June – 16° Rally Italia Sardinia (SS) race 1 coeff. 1,5
July 12-13 – 47° San Marino Rally (RSM)
27-28 September – 6° The Eagle’s Nest (PG)
22-24 November – 10° Tuscan Rewind (YOU) coeff. 1,5

Hyundai Customer Racing

In September of 2015, just 18 months after the debut of Hyundai Motorsport in the World Rally Championship (WRC), will open a new department in the headquarter in Alzenau in Germany, with the task of developing the rally cars and track for clients of the international sporting.
The entry in the category of R5 by Hyundai allows the team to benefit from the successful experience gained with the official participation in the WRC, and to strengthen the growing reputation in international motorsport, obtained also thanks to the victory in the FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) with the “sister” Hyundai i30.
The first program of Hyundai Customer Racing is to design and develop a rally car for the category R5, starting directly from the skills acquired in the WRC. The i20 New Generation R5 falls on the track after nine months and over 5,000 km of testing, in which it grows evenly the entire department, designers, engineers, mechanics and the structure of trade including.
Since then they have been executed and delivered to Customers, Sports Brand name 76 i20 New Generation R5 and 30 i30 NTCR. By January 2019, the engineer Andrea Adamo, to guide the Department’s Customer Racing from the birth, is also promoted Team Director of Hyundai Motorsport.

Hyundai i20 New Generation R5 – datasheet
Type: 1.6 4 cylinder direct injection turbo
Flange inlet: 32mm (regulation FIA)
Power (max): 285 hp
Torque (max): 420 Nm
Electronics: Magneti Marelli
Preparation: Pipo Moteurs for Hyundai Motorsport

Type: permanent all-wheel
Gearbox: Sequential 5-speed + RM (Ricardo)
Differentials: Front and rear mechanical (reg. FIA)
Clutch: Bidisco metal-ceramic

The structure: the passenger Compartment reinforced with roll-bar Hyundai reg. FIA
Length: 4,035 mm
Wheelbase: 2,570 mm
Width: 1,820 mm (reg. FIA)
Fuel tank capacity: 80 litres
Weight: 1,230 kg (minimum/1,390 kg with pilot and co-pilot (reg. FIA)

Suspension Front and rear Type MacPherson shock absorbers, adjustable 3-way (Extreme Racing Shox)
Steering: Servo assistance hydraulic
Brakes: ventilated Discs 300 mm and earth 355 mm tarmac (Brembo), 4-piston Calipers (Brembo)
Hand brake: Hydraulic
Wheels: 8jx18” asphalt and 7jx15” the earth (OZ Racing)
Tires: 20-65/18 asphalt, 17-65/15 earth (Michelin)