Duties to Mexico: Trump cancels the hike of 5% on imports

And lasting the space of ten days the threat of the president of the USA, Donald Trump, to impose tariffs of 5% on imports from Mexico as retaliation for the migratory flows from Latin american countries to the United States.

The occupant of the White House has announced that it has reached an agreement with Mexico to put a stop to illegal immigration that will have to be voted in parliament and the details of which will be announced soon.

Deflates so the threat feared by Trump that has frightened above all builders. Vehicles and related components are in fact the goods exported from Mexico to the USA: in 2018 the value of the fund’s automotive is a state of 93,3 billions of dollars, on a total value of about 346 billion dollars annually on imported goods from the neighbouring country.

According to the scheme devised by Trump, in the case of inertia on the part of Mexico, tariffs on imports would have had to increase on a monthly basis of 5% until reaching 25% in October.

It seems that to convince Trump was the decision to increase the deployment of forces to the border from Mexico as a further measure to counter illegal immigration, and new agreements on the exchange of goods between the two countries.