Electric car: by July 2019, the EU obliges us to make noise

Electric vehicles are increasingly popular in the Italian metropolis and not only that: they are personal or dedicated to the sharing, that allow to move the zero-impact; but the zero also applies to the noise emitted by the motor, which often creates inconvenience and endanger other road users. In fact, the slight whistle is typical of an electric car is almost imperceptible and does not allow to anticipate the arrival of the means with the hearing.

A problem that has already been taken into account and that will be fixed starting from July 2019: let’s discover how.

La Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric

Sound custom?

The european legislator has imposed that by 1 July 2019, all new models of electric and hybrid cars registered in the European Union will have to mount the system AVAS (Audible Vehicle Alert System), which plays a sound artificial. The warning buzzer will emit a sound with a tone determined: we speak of an intensity that can vary from 56 to 75 decibels (to give you a reference, a conventional car emits an average of about 75 decibels) and it will not be possible to disable it. Then, cars such as the Jaguar, The-Pace, the BMW i3, the Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Kona, fitted with this system can be turned off, will have to be updated. And how does it work for electric cars already on the street that are not equipped with the AVAS? The Union European by time up to 2021 users to comply with the regulation. Very likely to be sold a kit specifically for each model. What do you think? Surely the electric will be felt, but we will see how they will manage to create a noise that is recognizable but not too annoying.

Lo sharing elettrico

The electric carsharing