F1 GP Canada 2019, Hamilton: “I never wanted to win so”. Vettel: “the Decision “absurd”

“I want to thank my team, I would not be here if it were not for their work before the race. This is absolutely not the way I would have wanted to win, however. I pushed until the end to try to pass Seb. I had a pressing that will cause the error. Seb has the right to have his opinion, but I made the curve normally, he is not. When you return to the track after a long time, you must try to make the manoeuvre safe”: so Lewis Hamilton commented on the maneuver that cost Sebastian Vettel victory in the canadian Grand Prix of Formula 1.

Vettel, penalized five seconds for having pushed Hamilton down to the wall back on track after a long time, it is subtracted to the interviews in parc fermé, by choosing to do an act which is worth more than a thousand words: has moved to the sign of the first place from the machine Hamilton, and has replaced it with that of the second square. On the podium, he said: “you Should ask the people what to think about this result; however, I have the utmost respect for Lewis: the people should not dispute it, it’s not his fault. I didn’t want to hurt Lewis, the public should call in question this decision “absurd”.

Hamilton later commented his race: “The heat has put a strain on the brakes and my body. The Ferrari has challenged, but I’m glad to have been able to compete. These are important points for us. At the end faticavamo with the brakes; the moment in which I was closer to Seb is the one in which he has committed the error. Then the gap is increased again”. But Hamilton has still won, because of a decision questionable. Vettel, however, have also been removed two points from the license.

Third place for Charles Leclerc, of Ferrari. “I’m pretty happy with my performance today, we were fast enough, but my mistakes made in the qualification have affected the result of the race. I have to improve on Saturday. I’m disappointed for the team, I don’t know what happened to Seb, but he would have definitely deserved the victory today. We will continue to grow, and we hope success will come soon. There was a reason why I have stopped later: I did not have the pace of those in front”.