F1 GP Canada 2019, Hamilton: “in The place of Vettel would have done the same thing”

“If I had been to the command, and had made a mistake going along, I would have probably done the same thing. It all happens very quickly, and here the moments need only to maintain the position. When I say that I would have done the same, I mean that I would have also pushed me towards the wall.” Lewis Hamilton ‘s answer to the question of Autosport on the cut that cost Sebastian Vettel victory in the canadian Grand Prix of Formula 1.

Hamilton, however, says he is also convinced that things have taken a turn for the worse even if the sporting regulations had not provided for sanctions in a case such as the one that occurred in Montreal. “With regard to the rules, if there had not been this legislation, it probably would have come to the contact. In one way or another it would have ended badly,” he remarked Hamilton, winner of the canadian GP thanks to the 5 second penalty awarded to Vettel.

A question on the team radio in which he said his race engineer that Vettel had regained the track in a dangerous way, Hamilton responded: “Often, the first instinct is the right one. When I saw the replay and I gave a look at my data I realized that I had slowed down on the exit of turn 4. There was a danger, and if I had not slowed down, we came to the contact. I have not changed my mind on this one.”

If I was in command, and had made a mistake going along, I would have probably done the same thing

“The pilot knows how these things end up. It’s different when you look with the eyes of the public, but those who run looks for to tighten in order not to lose the position. We have this natural instinct, not would we ever road. Blocked me, actually, but to his bad luck is over long, and the rules provide the punishment that has been imposed,” explained Hamilton.

The Ferrari, for its part, in the night, the Italian has announced his intention to appeal against the penalty imposed on Vettel. The scuderia has 96 hours of time from the sanction, to present their appeal, as provided for by regulation for an offence such as that committed by Vettel.