F1 GP Canada 2019: the report cards of Montreal

Sometimes you do everything perfectly, and a single, small distraction ruin everything. It happened to Vettel in Canada: the sabbath looked back to the old days, the sniper of the tour services, capable to reply blow for blow to Hamilton, the courageous and millimetrino in the way in which it touched the walls. And at the start of the race, he did what he does best in the days of grace, which is held at the first position and away at the head of the race. Then, on the part of some turn of the German to the rhythm reduced to save gasoline, the englishman is redone below, but Vettel held firm, stubborn. For a moment he lost the car at the first chicane and the rest, as they say, is history. Chiariamolo immediately: the error was there, but this was by far Vettel’s best from a year ago, and on his return to the track, the German has done what would have made any pilot, try to straighten the car and close who comes. And then regardless of the vote, or 9.5, back.

Vote 9 , however, also Hamilton has the immense merit of having always believed he could settle for, instead he squeezed his Mercedes, as never before, taking all the risks of the case, to stay in the waste of Vettel. The English will win the title even for this his hunger for the infinite.

At the podium, Leclerc, but this time, in our opinion, there is little to celebrate: on a track once, where every mistake you pay dearly, but where the Ferrari was at least equal to the Mercedes, the monaco has taken a life from Vettel in qualifying and in the race he was never really able to trouble Hamilton. Vote 7, homework.

At the end arrived fourth, but that effort: it was a Bottas unrecognizable from the one we saw in Montreal, a slow Saturday (6°) and yielding in the race, long unable to get rid of the car slower than him on a track where overtaking is far from impossible. The fact that he scored the fastest lap of the ends so to become an aggravating circumstance, because it means that the car was there, him a little less. Vote 5, lost.

Not lost of mind instead of Verstappen, a good play strategy to retrieve the mess of his box at Saturday, without sparing himself when there was to attack: another proof of the maturity of the Dutch, which now lacks only a single-seater winning. Vote 8,5.

Ricciardo da 9 in Canada

Ricciardo 9 in Canada

The ends at the shoulders, but it deserves at least a 9 Ricciardo, who takes an incredible second row at the Saturday and in the race stand a long time to Bottas, with the determination and the skill of the best of times. Someone please give him a winning car!

Also Hulkenberg this time he has taken a pay unusually evident from him, more of what you would think of the ranking: the fact is that the German, for how fast and consistent, he played in a competition routine, while his companion showed the best of his repertoire. Vote 7 however, because “the Hulk” has still a Renault in the hands, but this time was not the reference, like so many other times.

And then there is Gasly: if parts 5° with your partner 9° and finish in 8°, while the other takes a great 5th place back, something is wrong. And the history of adaptation in the Red Bull starts to be a… history, in fact. The French continues to be paved by the team-mate, who for charity is a formidable opponent, but the difference remains too great. Grade 5, second guide.

9° place for Stroll, and on his home track proves to be faster than Perez, and captures other valuable points to move up the ranks. The evil will point out that Canada is his home track, not so much the nationality as for the absence of curves… but in the meantime, the result has led him to the house. Vote 7, surprise.

Close to the points Kvyat, author of a great overtaking in the first corner on Perez and of a race fast and consistent. Brings the Toro Rosso in 7th place in the constructors’, ahead of the Haas, and pays for itself, once again, of the new opportunities that Red Bull have wanted to give him. Vote 7, bravo.

Outside the points, vote 7 to Norris that while he was in the race was strong, always in front of Sainz, on a track that is difficult for a novice (also because it was here that the GP2 does not run). Talent true.

And vote 6 , this time, Giovinazzi, that is unforgivable for the spin with which it loses the ability to go to points, but this time it has always been in front of Raikkonen, even in the race. And this is perhaps the most important aspect. In growth.

Sufficienza per Giovinazzi in Canada

Enough for Giovinazzi in Canada

Voting 5 to Haas, who for various reasons was never in the race and continues his difficult time. Some then that feel Steiner battibeccarsi live with Magnussen because the latter complains of the cars rebuilt to less worse after the crash on Saturday is not a good sign for anyone. Never heard where you wash the dirty clothes?

Finally, vote 6 of solidarity to the stewards – including our Emanuele Pirro – to which poor things is touched to apply the regulation, because they can and should do, let us always remember – knowing that they would have been lynched, worldwide, for having done their duty. Because Vettel returned to the track in the best hypothesis without worrying about Hamilton and for a little not centered, and at worst tried to close it against a wall.

Voting 4 to the F1 that makes a simple gesture of competitive spirit, driven more by adrenaline and the desire not to give up not by a desire to harm really to the opponent, must be penalized in this way, killing a race up to that time nerve-racking. The manoeuvres and duels to the limit – or at least should be – an integral part of the legend of this sport. Let them run.

Il momento clou del GP del Canada

The highlight of the grand prix of Canada

GP Canada 2019, the report cards

Vettel 9,5

Hamilton 9

Ricciardo 9

Verstappen 8,5

Leclerc 7

Hulkenberg 7

Stroll 7

Kvyat 7

Norris 7

Giovinazzi 6

Commissioners 6

Bottas 5

Gasly 5

Haas 5

F1 4