F1 GP Canada 2019: Vettel, the commissioners have gone wrong?

MONTREAL – in The end remains only the‘bitter taste in the mouth for how it ended. Because similar episodes in the past, have not had the same result. Or give 5 second penalty to Vettel for having closed Hamilton has distorted the outcome of a race in which Ferrari had dominated since the trials and deserved success. The regulation says in article 38.1 that a rider who leaves the track must not cause problems to those who follow. In this case, technically, we say: technically, the manoeuvre, Vettel has not complied with the norm. That is, finishing off oversteer, is indented and has a closed Hamilton was forced to brake.

That was enough to inflict not only 5 seconds, but also 2 points on your driver’s license to Vettel because the manoeuvre is considered dangerous and punished. Always according to the regulation, the Ferrari might as well do the appeal, but apparently it does not fit in the specific case, on the contrary, it seemed almost that the team has taken note, albeit with regret, the decision of the judges. In the college of commissioners there was Emanuele Pirro, Gerd Ennser, Mathieu Remmerie and Mike Kaerne. Knowing the experience and the validity of Pirro, it is likely that the judgement was not unanimous, as the pilot will have brought his own experience.

The fact remains that the FIA has intervened in a decisive manner: “The TV images and the data in our possession have clearly said that Vettel has not respected the rules and was penalized in accordance with the rules. We understand that the fans and fans have a different view of things, but the rules have been applied in the correct manner”. It can be argued that in the past have been taken to different decisions and that often the commissioners do not always to follow a single line of judgment. Especially against the riders fighting for the world or for the win, as in the case of Vettel and Hamilton.

Of safe are missing two key elements: he is dead , Charlie Whiting, then the race director who had over the years imposed a way of interpreting the rules, and missing Bernie Ecclestone, the opposite of Liberty Media, he knew how and where to intervene. For the good of the world-a Ferrari victory we wanted, and Ferrari had done well all that he could. For how things are instead of seven victories in a row with Mercedes (the 5 Hamilton…) a red winning would have given us momentum and interest. A shame, because Vettel would have deserved, and the Ferrari also. Unfortunately there was a small error of Seb, which has had a large emphasis on, and this in the end is what remains in the annals.