F1 GP Canada 2019: Vettel, victory stolen

MONTREAL – The Ferrari, and Vettel won the canadian GP, but the referee cancel, and the victory goes to the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton. A race dominated by red with Vettel on the ball, nullified by a decision of questionable race officials. All this happened three-quarters of the race. The fight at the 48.round. Vettel controls the race with a little more than 6 tenths on Hamilton, but come along to the curve 4 and cut the grass. In the return path crosses the road to Hamilton that between the wall and the Ferrari is forced to raise the foot.

Time 8 laps and the commissioners, among which the Italian Emanuele Pirro, inflict Vettel a 5-second penalty for a dangerous manoeuvre. And here triggered the controversy because Vettel, via the radio, he has clearly said that “I have Not seen anyone on my side, I close nobody.” What’s acceptable and rational view of both the location of Lewis, where are placed the mirrors of F. 1. But nothing to do, in order to appeal a decision that seemed at all unfair, because in the past, Hamilton has combined the worse and their eyes have they closed. Clearly, there is animosity against the Ferrari, but it is also true that if from a side, regret that a race has been tarnished by the commissioners, on the other, it is also true that Vettel got himself into a mess by just coming along.

However, the behavior of the Ferrari between gum yellow medium and white hard, has seen a remarkable difference. With the hard tyres the Mercedes was better, in contrast to the first part of the race. At the end you have lived a duel made up of pride on the part of the two protagonists. Hamilton tried, unsuccessfully, to overtake the final to win the field in a race that is assigned to a table. Vettel has done everything to remain at the command emphasizing the injustice of a decision-heavy, and without a doubt excessive in the eyes of all, commissioners, in part: “no, no, no, not so. They are blind, where I had to go? I ended up in the grass because I locked the rear, are finished almost to the wall, where would I go, where? Where?” the desperate cry of Vettel after the finish line. Adding, “Thanks guys, you have done an outstanding job, and to you I say “thank you”.

And now, with a world that, though in the hands of the Mercedes appears to be distorted with a victory stolen from Ferrari, then leave the controversy. If they were looking for a reason of discussion, with this move, the federation and the organizers have succeeded. Skin, though the regulation you speak clear, it seemed a decision too much, both for the victory taken from the Ferrari, is not the Hamilton you can see to assign a success, which is actually a heavy defeat: “I had problems with the engine and also on the starting grid. This is certainly not the way I would have wanted to win, Sebastian went wide and pushed me against the wall, unfortunately, are the rides. We know we riders, that if you cut and exit you have to return to keeping the line without damaging the others. The Ferrari has been fast throughout the weekend, this should be said”. And now, space to the controversy…