FCA and Hyundai rely on Aurora for the autonomous guide

The startup USES Aurora Innovation will provide the platform for the autonomous guide of Level 4 for the Aurora Driver at Fiat-Chrysler, which will use it on future commercial vehicles of various brands of the Group.

This was announced by the same FCA announcing a MoE with the new american partners almost simultaneously with the Group Hyundai-Kia that, after you have started a strategic partnership with the californian company in 2018 for the development of the Hyundai Nexo, has launched an investment entity that is not made known in support of Aurora.

For koreans, the goal is “the commercialization of autonomous vehicles to Level 4 by 2021, with the launch of a pilot of a fleet of robo-taxis self-employed in the smart city”.

To slip out from Aurora, however, was Volkswagen, which a few days ago, he stopped after less than a year, the partnership with tech founded in 2017 by Sterling Anderson, Drew Bagnell and Chris Urmson, respectively, the former Tesla, Uber and Waymo. In fact, it seems that Wolfsburg wants to invest in Argo TO, controlled by Ford.