Ferrari Aliante Berlinetta, V12 naturally aspirated, manual gearbox and no electronics

The Ferrari Aliante Boat is only a rendering, but the declaration of love towards this kind of mechanical work of Daniel Soriano, consists in bringing back to life an old project, presented in 2011 at the Ferrari World Design Concept. At that time the project has not resulted in much, but we are sure that today the jury would look with different eyes this work. It all stems from the question of the 3 designer, Daniel is not only on the lack of purity of the lines that today’s Ferrari. In substance, what has become of the soul that gave life to the F40?

That’s because under the hood there is a glorious 12-cylinder, reminiscent of the single-seaters of Formula 1 from the Seventies. The lines are a new modern interpretation of the style of a time, with the engine in view, and the absence of the goalkeeper. She is designed for going strong and would require courageous pilots and experts seen that there are no electronic controls.

One of the Ferrari Aliante is a project I made together with Arum Kumar and Magnus Grettve as the thesis that, in 2011, we presented at the Ferrari World Design Contest. After more than seven years, and after professional experiences that have led me to work with, among others, with Lamborghini, and Volvo Cars and Polestar. So I decided to take in hand the work starting from the first sketches, to realize how, over the years, has improved through new experiences and teachings.