Gran Turismo 7: return to the origins?

There really are a lot of rumors circling the next chapter of the Gran Turismo series: some rumors say that it will be called GT7, other Gran Turismo Sport 2.

In any case, it is necessary to dwell on a very important topic that, to the launch of the current GT Sport, has left many fans and nostalgics of the famous video game series racing on the PlayStation with a bitter taste in the mouth: the career single player.

Kazunori Yamauchi has already released some statements interesting and, in view of the likely arrival of the new title of Polyphony to the future PS5, we want to analyze in detail what was, to all effects, a generational change.

Return to the first Gran Turismo?

From the earliest advances we knew that Gran Turismo Sport would have brought with them a strong element of rupture with the past.

Thanks to the ever-growing “connected”, the developers of Polyphony and Kazunori Yamauchi had decided that the new GT had to represent the ultimate racing title on the multiplayer, thus upsetting the entire format of the game and leaving the old career mode progressive relegandola to boundary element.

During the Paris event Yamauchi has, however, issued a declaration very interesting to the colleagues of GT Planet:

“I think the next Gran Turismo may include a greater number of items, and offline single-player mode, also as training for a possible online mode. We could probably take advantage of the offline mode to facilitate the training of the pilots, and propose then competitions and events in the style of the Gran Turismo Sport”.

“In this way, the players would start with a good base. I know that many are loyal to the system of the driver’s licenses of Gran Turismo but this is not enough, we will probably have to try to organize and manage the content in order to keep always high the attention of the community”.

Vetture come la mitica Mazda 787B, icona storica della serie Gran Turismo, in GT Sport sono facili da acquistare mentre, nei predecessori, richiedevano il completamento di gare difficilissime

Cars like the legendary Mazda 787B, the historic icon of the Gran Turismo series, in the GT Sports are easy to purchase while, in the predecessors, required the completion of races difficult

In other words, GT Sport has not been able to offer the best compromise between the single player mode and online sector, too unbalanced on the second. A real boon for the players more competitive, but, at the same time, a source of strong discontent for those who lived the game as a hobby.

The absence of the possibility to develop their cars, the great rewards offered for the miles traveled daily, and the artificial intelligence too facilona they have perverted that which, without any doubt, it was one of the offline modes more fun and intrattenenti of the market.

Generational change

“Twenty years ago, when we did the first Gran Turismo, the people knew what happens when you change an air filter or increase the compression ratio of the car. New users do not have this knowledge because they are not interested in the machines, so we’ve made it more user friendly the game”.

These are the words of Yamauchi during the presentation in Modena took place on 15 and 16 October 2017.

A hard truth that has forced the developers to reinvent itself and meet the needs of a public that is generally less passionate or that, most probably, has never even played the first chapters of the series. The philosophy of “all and now” of the new generations not only applies to the gaming world of course, but the large audience, nostalgicoche has always accompanied the release of the most famous racing game, seems to still have a voice.

Our hope is a return and an expansion of the substantial content present in the predecessors of the GT Sport. Maybe with more official tracks, a car park large and well-differentiated between cars, modern and historic, the current focus on the multiplayer mode, and, in conclusion, also a career single player that we let from amateurs (with a budget that is very tight) and then we climb gradually to the summit on the way to glory by participating in various events and championships.

Da sempre una feature apprezzata dagli utenti appassionati, speriamo che in Gran Turismo 7 tornerà la possibilità di elaborare la nostra auto

Always a feature appreciated by users and enthusiasts, we hope that Gran Turismo 7 will return to the possibility of developing our car

The power of Esports

Needless to hide the fact that the FIA Gran Turismo Championship , to today, global competition is more sensational and fierce in the context of Esports on 4 wheels.

The effect of “coupling” that this event offers vis-à-vis the user has absolutely no previous (even with the GT Academy) and it has definitely helped the public more generalist to understand the actual goodness of the competitions, virtual and, therefore, the consideration for the talent of the simracers involved in the final stages.

Far from being just a fashion of the moment, the world of Esports, offering the possibility to the gamers more competitive to demonstrate their abilities and achieve goals that were unthinkable 10 years ago.

If the example of Lucas Ordonez is a milestone in this context, also the latest products and specialist Assetto Corsa Competition have attracted the interest of manufacturers of prestige like the Lamborghini, to the best 3 riders of the SRO AND the GT Sports Series, will offer the chance to live a unique, real-world experience in the Racing Team of the House of the raging Bull.

We will follow then with interest the developments and news related to Esports on Gran Turismo, in the meantime, we can’t wait for the FIA GT Championship take to the road and gives us even more emotions, even, perhaps, with Giorgio Mangano, the ace of the Italian team Williams Esports.