Milan: Piazza Cordusio, yes to redevelopment. Maxi pedestrian

Piazza Cordusio in Milan will become a maxi pedestrian. The councillor Pierfrancesco Maran and the president of the town Hall 1, Fabio Arrigoni, have presented a project for the requalification of the area that continues the work of pedestrianization implemented in 1996, when Dante street was closed to traffic from piazza Cairoli to via San Prospero.

The project presented by Maran provides just the pedestrianisation of the other stretch of the via Dante, the one in via San Prospero and Piazza Cordusio, with the prohibition of transit for the taxi. The redevelopment of Piazza Cordusio provides for an increase of pedestrian spaces, with a row of trees along the ellipse of the piazza and the movement of the tracks via Orefici. The trees will be planted in a vase, saw that beneath the square there is the station of the M1.

In Piazza Cordusio will be also redone the flooring, to eliminate the differences. In the direction of Piazza Castello, the sidewalks of via Dante will be expanded, and will remain only the central lane reserved for trams. Also in via Orefici be reduced as the track width with the increase of the sidewalks. It will then be renewed even the lighting. The estimated cost of the redevelopment of the area is 8 million euros, of which two are supplied by the Municipality and six from individuals. The work should begin in 2020.