Valtteri Bottas testing the new Ford Fiesta R5

There is nothing to do. The rally and the cars that populate this category, with their charm, they are able to bewitch the pilots of all races. Over the years, we have seen many episodes where, through the two wheels, you are made to forward the names of all respect to sit behind the wheel of these cars. Valentino Rossi, Tony Cairoli and Andrea Dovizioso are some of the most famous, but the WRC has managed to kidnap the riders at the circus, the world’s fastest, the F1. Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica are dedicated to this specialty for an entire season, without, unfortunately, reap the fruits.

More recently there has thought of Valtteri Bottas to return to the tradition, engaging with a Fiesta WRC Plus, in a rally of the house, where he also performed well, among other things. There is no doubt about the driving skills of the Finnish, that have loved these cars, but it seems that the standard bearer for Mercedes has decided to give himself a second output as tester.

While M-Sport runs in Portugal, with the Fiesta WRC, the test team-new Ford Fiesta R5, which has yet to be approved, upheld in France the Finnish pilot for a series of developments. At his side an expert navigator and very popular, Jarno Lehtinen, co-pilot Finnish that he has always played alongside Mikko Hirvonen. With regard to the debut of the new Ford Fiesta R5, should make his debut at the Rally of Rome the Capital with Simone Campedelli and Tania Canton.