Volvo, increases the support to the project LifeGate PlasticLess against the plastic in the seas

After last year, the Italian subsidiary of the Volvo he had espoused the cause of the project LifeGate PlasticLess for the reduction of plastics in the sea and performed the installation of three devices Seabin (in the ports of Marina di Varazze and Marina di Cattolica and Venice Certosa Marina), in 2019, the project is expanding , involving several key points of the coasts of the Italian thanks to the contribution of some of the dealers most active in the network of official Volvo in Italy. Volvo dealers in 2019 are supporting the installation of new devices Seabin in some of the main Italian ports cover, with their radius of action, a significant part of the Italian territory.

At the base of the support to the initiative by Volvo dealerships is the sensitivity to environmental issues that unites the various owners, all good examples of entrepreneurs active on the territory. In some cases, as for example on the occasion of the laying of the device Seabin in Riccione and Polignano a Mare, the concessionaires of reference, they realized, with the collaboration of Volvo Car Italia and LifeGate (the company point of reference in Italy for sustainable development), an event which was invited by the local press.

Highlight was the talk that has seen the contribution of Emilio Mancuso, marine biologist at the Institute for the Study of the Sea. The debate has made the point on the state of health of the seas and on the effects of climate change with the aim of promoting culture and exchange of ideas on issues related to Environment Sustainability and to convey the urgency of a shared action, perfectly in line with the values and practices of the Volvo. The same initiative will be repeated also in some of the upcoming events in the program.

The initiative is linked to the LifeGate project PlasticLess supported by Volvo Car Italia and the Volvo dealerships is part of a commitment to wide-ranging of Volvo Cars in favour of reduced environmental impact and sustainability, and strengthens the collaboration between Volvo Car Italia and LifeGate, a company reference in Italy for the sustainable development. The initiative is also implemented in collaboration with the local Government more sensitive to the topic of the safeguard of the seas.

The devices Seabin used within the scope of the project LifeGate PlasticLess for the collection of floating waste, which are particularly effective in areas such as ports, inside of which – thanks to the action of winds and currents converge, the waste dumped into the sea. A device is able to capture from the surface of the water about 1.5 kilograms of debris per day, or over half a tonne of waste per year, including the micro-plastic up to 2 mm in diameter and the microfibers of up to 0.3 mm, even more widespread and dangerous. Being in the salt water and being swallowed by fish, micro plastics enter our food chain.

“Volvo believes that Sustainability and Respect for the Environment are duties that are essential for each of us, ” he explained Michele Crisci, President of Volvo Car Italia -. But not only in words but also in facts. For this reason, we have decided to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to limit the spread of plastics in our seas, the ones that we love so much and that is why we need to protect. What we’re doing is a demonstration of how the approach of Volvo to the issues of sustainability is wide-ranging”.

“This is not only to build cars that pollute the least possible, for example with the electrification. The challenge for a modern company that wants to contribute concretely to a sustainable future to play on multiple fronts and involves every aspect that can affect the equilibrium of the system of which we are a part. The responsibility is of all, and this you can not steal it,” he added Crisci.