WRC 2019 Italy of Sardinia. Shakedown. Ombre Rosse

Alghero, Sardinia, June 13, 2019. You start. And it starts very well. That is, with the thrill along the back you a moment ago throw away the phone and renounce the nonsense of life format social to get back with your feet on the ground and the wheels… for air.

Olmedo. The shakedown not like us. And instead of love and was made for that, to try but especially for pleasure. A little tight, winding so as to be compact, very dusty, but the red dust, so the photos are a wonder.

It is the first contact with the Rally Italia Sardegna 2019. Shakedown. One behind the other, to leave the Park Service that you would not want to ever leave, on the seafront of Alghero, someone even says the gossip. Roads and streets to arrive at the scene of the crime, a few kilometres from the Catalan Capital (but also a bit pisana, listen to a pisano). Away with the general test.

What happens is that… in a perfect and cynical, succession, all the main actors of the Rally, the triad of the battle for the war, for the Title, tend to exaggerate a little bit. And touch. Not even 4 km away and is a thriller. Is a gate, of those who are in Sardinia, as a rule. They need to keep most of the beasts, or of those that never take away the human. Already that should not let you pass that certain conditions better if they are tight. Then make us turn around a Car, a WRC Plus, without touching poles and hinges is an act of skill and chance. Ogier tap and on the Citroen until the shadow of the curse. The witty have already condemned the driver, but the Team asks for permission, and runs it in for repair. Is shakedown, remember.

You can see that the adrenaline stays in the circle. Sébastien the “Clever” again with the Machine in place (god forbid) and beats there the best time. Mind you, the best time is little. A second low, but if you give one as the Tanak, then, the perspective widens. Tanak does not touch, but “the barn”, also for the Estonian remains good the second of three launches. The third is Neuville, to clarify that the games are, can be or will be, a matter to three. Between the World Champion, the Pilot who is celebrating with a hundred candles/Rally, Holder, reigning winner of last year. respectively.

Ah. Also Neuville has touched the pole. No damage, nothing compared to the thrill Ogier-Citroen, but always that sense of discomfort.

Until I get Elfyn Evans and throws it down the whole fence post and gate. Finally, via free. Sure someone on that gate, and was repaid as if it had been new!

Then, in order, Suninen, Meeke and Mikkelsen. First of the italians Andolfi, Skoda, the first of the Italian Bass, Skoda, then Rossetti, Citroen, and Campedelli, Ford.

Ceremonially down to the Sign Show, and it begins to get serious, look at the case in the Trial Show that is called “Arena”.

Ready those of the World. And those of the Italian, and of the Earth. Three Stages, 19 stages, 310 Miles red hot on the stopwatch, a weather forecast from the barbecue.

The Rally Italy Sardinia the number 16 is down to the valley of impatience, à the final attack.

Photo: Manrico Martella