WRC 2019 Italy Sardinia. Bombs, Mines, and Fireworks

Alghero, Sardinia, June 11, 2019. You can soon warm up a climate already glowing. Here are the bombs, authentic bales or lies or assumptions of truth non-existent, come to the mine, those news from the “informant” who are at risk of fire hoods and souls, and also get the real news, or reliable, the assumptions, the concomitances, the circumstantial, the one of the few ” who take advantage of the resonance of the Big Event, we could say, the Rally Italy Sardinia, ‘which is the same) for access to the reputation of the actuality.

It will be a case, but all of them come together to Sardinia, all of you wake up with the Rally Italy. Also the fastest, the strongest. Type that mr Ogier has dropped torpedo against the frigate Hyundai taking advantage of the Atlantic the Portuguese, certain that he would be back in the Mediterranean and would be looking for a waterway from the back up to Alzenau. Nothing, pack glaciato absolute, and the fuse was in danger of shutting down wet had there not been other actors to keep it turned on. Then the affaire “strategy push” of Adam, is awakened by the comments. Neuville, Sordo, also the same Season and that is the detonator of the wisdom and excellence of this magnificent Sport. The Seb “good” he said that was not the case to cut a long story short, just give an eye to the regulations and shouldn’t be in, then if things happen that do not have a taste, then it must be the FIA to tighten the circle, or loop, around the neck of the bottle for the fight, rhetorical or bar that is. Think only of himself, zero motivation, has complied with the duty to serve the Team!

It happens three days from Ittiri Show, the Test, the inaugural production of the Italy Sardegna 2019. And not only this.

About the AIF, it is the eve of Sardinia (Italy) the curtain opens on the news, the bomb or bombastic, with which the FIA has brought the process to a stagnant on the evolution in the sense of the electric, going for thehybrid, of the WRC. Date, or due date confirmed, it would be 2022, the idea sci-fi to obtain a reduction of the costs by acting on the parties and circumstances, is currently very expensive in the “Plus”. The Idea and purpose fantas… iosi because at the same time it is seen that the hybrid, apart from the limping aspect of “philosophical” of the system, the port for now to increase some of the costs, which then should be further revised in the proportion of a WRC, which is projected on the overlap to Drive the segment over the current one, or of small cars that, as you say, you do not have a business and are the ruin of the Houses.

The look sensational concurrent to the Rally Italia Sardinia is the “move” of the FIA, not in the sense of the Palio, or of the stratagem but of the let us decide to do something, that results in the appointment of the technical committee which will be commissioned to analyze, develop, and produce the Regulation of the entrance of the new hyb-was. In the part with the roles to be clarified more exactly, none other than Michel Nandan, belgian Yves Matton, who is the director and muse of the future of the WRC, and nothing less than Bruno Famin, the legendary Author of the Peugeot, winners of Le Mans and the Dakar rally three times in a row, this exciting century.

To tell you the truth. Makes me very happy. For both of them. Michel has been curtailed too soon, and Bruno which have made the gap under the feet and is passed by the Dakar rally to Rallycross and then, I don’t know. Two engineers “imbenzinati” of success and experience are directed to the manner in which change is technically the future, and as you will have to do to keep it under control with the fuses! In the meantime, it is law that all electric cars must make noise, and, behold, Bose becomes a competitor to Akrapovic.

C’is the other, and so on, which we will continue to inhale the nostrils in Sardinia. Ford. In the week approaching the final phase of the Rally Italy here is that come out from the cave of Malcolm Wilson, the two new Machines. Two Ecoboost, which according to me is the maximum tolerable of the hybrid. The new Fiesta R5 and the new Fiesta R1. Beautiful cars, beautiful. Way to begin and to continue, if you put finally in the head that experience is useful. M-Sport portentous. One day I meraviglierò when I see Mister Malcolm, Baronet Wilson, head of the consortium to acquire Ford and make them issue… civil M-Sport. Times in the future of drive Whirlpool, Bosch or Indesit.

Still. We worry about Lappi, and Lappi, who took two tronate in succession, destroying the Meeke two C3 WRC, and his price. In this I agree with what he says Budar (especially if it is also what he thinks): the WRC is going strong, you have to have patience and let it mature young people.

And then Volkswagen. It would, finally isolated the problem which has cost some of the new R5 Polo go literally up in smoke. Responsibility to be divided among the valves that don’t work, tanks, bulkheads, thermal insulation, and… gases. As long as you both come at the head of the problem.

This is the theme of the day -2, the heat. The higher the level the heat of the affection. The “heat” of the human that laces around the Rally Italy Sardinia. In this sense, only fireworks of the Rally the most beautiful in the World, in the scene in the Wonderful Island

Next, there is the place!