WRC 2019 Italy Sardinia. Suitcases Sardinia

Alghero, Sardinia, June 10, 2019. We do not believe in fairies and witches, we do not have signs good luck. But sometimes it is not possible to escape and slip into the esoteric. Let’s see. We are in the week of the Rally Italy Sardinia, on the axis of the launching pad of the Rally and the inauguration of the “second round” of the Championship of the World. Everything is ready, from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16!
The temperature rose suddenly to ten degrees, esautorando, and cast out forever the winter long, screanzato and hostile the last few decades. It means Summer hit, but also that the green and infiorescente Sardinia is still wet of dew for the maximum splendor of the context.

It rained, and, therefore, have reviewed carefully the roads, the dirt roads “offended” by the bad weather in order to bring them back to the conditions of the maximum, almost the theoretical potential of spectacular. The jump of Micky, well, that is the object of attention, to “guard” constantly. It is the icon of the Rally, of a certain way of understanding the marriage Rally-Sardinia, the manifesto, which contains, in a memorable page the purpose and the achievement of the highest technical content, technology, and entertainment. And the courage, the generosity of the Pilot in front of the “wall” of fans, silent, waiting for the gesture that leads in Sardinia the difference, for a Sardinia that thinks, and acts, differently!

Tiziano Siviero, bi-World Champion Miki Biasion and the first winner of a World cup and Italian, and also according to… is out in the open. After three years of exact work in the shade, the designer of the Rally has dared to put his face on the cover. Want to say something. Not that he disposed of the clothes close of, shy, and perhaps it is only that the time has come to express a pride legitimate and no longer containable. To claim to Be heartfelt and a native of this wonderful Land.

Those who want to harm, says that the RIS edition 2019 is the “photocopy” of that of the previous year. Who wants the good, as we do, and even those who only think and reflect by connecting the brain to the mouth, he perceives clearly that the fresco of Italy Sardinia this year lies on the background of miracles of the Island, the diamond of the Mediterranean, those lines of sports, entertainment and showcase, that have reached the state of the art. Are proposed in respect of the Land, to the esteem of the fans. Faithful to their detonator and emotional development of the success already obtained. Three days Ittiri, the Arena Show opening Thursday evening.
Here, then… confirm the evidence of Tula, Tergu-Osilo, Castelsardo and Monte Baranta, the Friday of the eight tests, four each repeated twice, for a total of 124 km timed… ”changes Only “cosmetic” detail, such as to make, for example, the Tula is perhaps the most difficult Test of the Rally”. Now, ready, steady, go.

Saturday, difficult and beautiful, longest stage and lasts the Monte Acuto… “With its 142,42 km timed a day that will make all the difference, even if composed by sun, you are special, because besides being the longest also has the special, more selective. Coiluna-Loelle, 14,97 KM), Monti di Alà, 28,21 km away, and Monte Lerno, long this year 28.03 km, with the apotheosis of his famous Micky”s Jump.”

Sunday of apotheosis in the 41,89 km timed, and the only four special stages, identical in the last two editions. “Two steps on Cala Flumini, 14,06 KM Sassari-Argentiera, 6,89, and the direct TV in both steps, the Power Stage the final elected the most beautiful in the World, and drawn on the scenario of an ancient mine, with the final stretch of breathtaking overlooking the sea”.
Just as well, for a start? It is not enough, we are only… at the beginning.

Three geographic areas to explore, and yet what we know as our pockets, to the West of Alghero and Argentiera, of the Centre of Evidence killer from Castelsardo ” and of the “almost” the East the beautiful Mountains that look down to the Sea legendary of the Mouths. There we were and there we go, and we can’t wait. Tickets, ships, planes, near, but a spot is always there. To get from the East to Olbia, in the West, Alghero or Stintino or Porto Torres, from the South of the sardinian hinterland for an extra trip to or from the North split of the other Island, we have not yet decided. In a certain sense, we follow the instinct, the emotion of impatience, we sail along with the”horde” of fans that he has decided once again to assault the pacific to the feelings of the Rally Italia Sardinia.

Swimsuit in the suitcase. There is much more, the minimum to become sardinian thoroughbreds a year yet. The Costume in the suitcase, but is a ritual. Never thought once that we would have ripped at the Rally the time of the Beach. Ritual and the question of “security”. You never know who you buttino at sea in the silver waters of argentiera, or together with the Winner in those teeming with enthusiasm of the old port of Alguer.
Only the beginning. There is alignment in the astral which puts on the perpendicular of the eighth of the championship, three Drivers almost side-by-side, of some prank of the prelude, of strong arguments and passionate. Every day a piece of Sardinia. Pardon, Sardinia, Italy. And. Rally Italia Sardegna!