WRC19 Italy Sardinia. CIR. Is duel Rossetti-Low

Alghero, Sardinia, June 15, 2019. Much more interesting, in the alternative, and if you were bored with the monologue of Ott Tanak in the World, is to listen to what is said in the Italian Rally Championship. Actually, in spite of a role from the Cinderella who does not deserve, the Italian managed to lift his head and say, its. The CIR part back, on roads that are not longer those glimpses of the land of paradise speed that by definition characterize the Italy of Sardinia. The Crews and the Machines of the Italian were destined to suffer, this we knew, and to pay a very high price for any uncertainty or excess. A fate that made even more messy and embarrassing the comparison, and therefore, the interpretation to be given to the event badly “merged” in the World.

It’s embarrassing, actually, especially for the aggravation of the consequences. Archived Race 1 with the victory of Crugnola, we expected a greater compactness of the front tried and tested in Race 2. Unfortunately we arrived in the middle of Sardinia… return of the Championship remains only an interesting duel will most likely define the season in that “third way” that was… the first in the forecast of the beginning of the season.

It is, in essence, for the return of Rossetti Citroen and the role of reference that the Italian Team has earned over the years, and that was the item that was missing from here to the appeal.

The second of Italy, Sardinia is now a head-to-head delicate between Rossetti and Low. The Official Citroen Italy has been great, I would say, exemplary. It was the Pilot who knew how to interpret in the best of ways, as we would say in the only way possible, the role and… notes (well, brava Eleonora Mori), and rarely overcoming a flaw and maintaining a constant on the head of a Race, particularly “fluid”, pressure.

Moral, fifty kilometres from the end, Rossetti has an advantage of half a minute poor, which is, however, a priceless heritage to be kept for up to one that could, say, should be the first win of the season. At that point the… point Citroen could also put the fifth and continue with more serenity in the path of the Italian.

The bottom remains a difficult opponent and imaginative, capable of suffering but also to put pressure, but the evolution of his Race, the condemnation in the final to a very delicate role. Bravo anyway.

Less talented, or lucky, all the others. Very little to indulge: it was a slaughter. Among the problems, failures, malfunctions, outputs, and “touch” were a few, however, widely and repeatedly pulled out. Out of the games Crugnola, once again Campedelli, to the limit of the floating Prophet. This is the situation of Italian, exacerbated by the profile of the junior, which is headed by a sole survivor, Marco Pollara.

It is even more interesting, as a result, turn off the monitor of the Italian language and pass it on the channel of the World in which continue to be broadcast. Interesting to note that, to the harsh conditions of which he spoke before, Rossetti and Bass are largely in the 20 of the absolute World, and even more become the proud in the top ten of the WRC 2. To be honest, the best of Italian Fabio Andolfi, who is not writing to the Italian but that is not “transparent”. Behind our heroes, a row of big names, huge. When a comparison a bit more fair and direct?