WRC19 Italy Sardinia. Monologue Tanak for Megaphone Toyota

Alghero, Sardinia, June 15, 2019. The longest day, the day more clearly. No objection, nor much you can add, nothing to explain and nothing to complain (in this case, speak to the opponents). Ott Tanak and Toyota have demonstrated, more than anything else is a statement, on which it is impossible to debate, and that nobody would dare to challenge. Good to have the convincing arguments, or better still of “overwhelming evidence”, to close each gap, “dialectic” and to truncate the discussion. Even a small crack remains open to doubt. Fiercely assisted by a Yaris in the form of intolerant, the Estonian has won all six special stage of the second Stage, in order Coiluna-Loelle, the Mountains of Ala and Monte Lerno, doubled in the second round for a total of 142 kilometres against the clock, is back in command with half a minute advantage and closed the match before the whistle. Coat. It is the longest day, not the most difficult, in any case that that should be considered definitively conclusive. Tanak, always in front of the Deaf and Suninen, maybe once at Ogier and Neuville, who in fact echo as a weak echo of a past in which to fight for the Title there were three of them. You would not say, today.

Friday evening Tanak, the third, was delayed a little more than ten seconds, compared to the Dull, and less than ten from Suninen. Ogier and Neuville were already harmless. Deaf had done a good Race, Suninen a Rally magnificent, and had generated a balance of nature totally different, referring to the Finland in the Global discourse, honored, indeed, exalted, Italy Sardegna, with an innovative show.

Today, it seems difficult to make sense of the Power Stage. Can win anyone, to earn five points, and, even in the case Tanak decides not to participate in the final bow, we can say that the result is not worth not even as a consolation prize. The beating to Ogier and Neuville is strong. The message of the Tanak, if of message it is, and not rather of a proclamation, is that in Sardinia you turn the page.

It is not the question of superiority, the so-called manifests, nor of a favorable circumstance. If it is true that Ogier and Neuville have suffered alone, in fact, it is even more true that Tanak has done it all, giving up the counterpoint and chorus. Only on two occasions, the first Mountains of the Wing, and the second Coiluna, you could imagine that there existed a sort of comparison. In the first case, Sordo, in the second Ogier, are the only “anomalies” in which is manifested the fact that someone has tried to remain attached to the bone. Question of feeling weak, in all cases, because on the Mountains of Ala, the Spanish language was for the last time in the lead of the Rally, and on the Monte Lerno’s iconic Jump of Micky French, which, however, has suffered the second, the unfortunate “hit” in this Rally, you have to submit to their hard fate.

Then you will say till the last, that everything can still happen, and that if a ranking is temporary it remains until it can no longer be subverted. Thought true, and hypocritical at the same time. I might as well admit that can become Champions of the World almost all of us, not only Ogier or Neuville, but also Latvala, or Rovanpera, or even Benito Guerra. The reality is less mathematics, but much more conceptual and practical. If nothing happens strange Tanak goes from the most beautiful Island in the World with a twenty-point advantage and four wins, and not remember the trip just for the breathtaking views. To Ogier and Neuville, all that remains is to bet on the shot of the scene, and admit and agree that against the Tanak, and a similar Toyota at the moment there is nothing to do. Even more a long time to find eventually… a useful moment.

Continue to do a fantastic Race from both the Deaf and Suninen, but without taking anything away from their skill, is the only series B. Tanak has raised too the bar. And probably we must wait for a final “suspicion”, noting that Neuville could be helped by the downgrading eye-catching of Sordo and Mikkelsen who are in front of. Honestly, it would seem excessive and provocative, and demeaning for both Drivers Hyundai, which in any case must contend with the Fiesta of the most beautiful Rally M-Sport from the beginning of the year.

The last 42 kilometers of the Special. Cala Flumini and Argentiera. For two times. The final scheme of the Power Stage. And here you go really in Paradise!