Door to bedroom in the roof of the car for 700 km. Licence withdrawn

Has transported anentire bedroom on the roof of his car for 700 miles before being stopped by the police: the protagonist of the undertaking, that is to say, is a man departed from Bari and directed towards Savona. The driver was transferring from Apulia to Liguria and chose to make the move to exclusively using his own station wagon.

Once in Carpi, in the province of Modena, the man decided to stop in a service area to refuel. There has, however, attracted the attention of a Policeman, who noticed the load monstre on the roof of the car. A bedroom, as previously mentioned, but also four bicycles, shelves for the kitchen, of the tyres, clothes and clothes.

Man is justified by explaining that he was moving to Savona, but it was not enough. The driver has been withdrawn the licence for their intended means to a different use than the one indicated on the paper of circulation.