F1-GP Silverstone 2019, Hamilton:”I Am just a wheel gear”

“I miss your breath; I can’t even explain how much I feel proud today in front of my home crowd and my family. Lap after lap, I saw the flags of the british, every year there is more and more people in the stands. I am grateful to all. Do you think you always be able to adjust to this, but it is always a great emotion, it is as if it were the first time”: Lewis Hamilton, winner of the Grand Prix of Great Britain 2019 of Formula 1, is radiant in the post-race.

How to blame him: Hamilton took the sixth success at Silverstone, becoming the most successful rider in the history of his home race. “I could never get this result without these people to support me. I thank the guys in the factory, who dedicate so much time to making this team, taking it away from their families. When I say thank you to the scuderia, I am referring to the 2,000 people who make all this possible. I am only one wheel of the gear”.

Second place for Valtteri Bottas: starting from the pole, could not do anything once outpaced by Hamilton after the stop of the latter in the regime of the Virtual Safety Car. “Congratulations to Lewis for his victory. I stopped before him, and I was checking the gap on his pit stop. But then there was the Safety Car, and he stopped, fregandomi; then I had to make another stop. It went well, but the pace was very good, and I have to continue on this path. I will continue to fight, I’m not going to give up”.

Terzo posto per Charles Leclerc a Silverstone

Third place for Charles Leclerc at Silverstone

The third step of the podium is Charles Leclerc, the fifth GP in career among the first three. “This is the race that I have enjoyed more in my career in Formula 1, – says the monegasque Ferrari -. To conclude, the third place has been great, today was a hard race. In the first two stints you have not gone as we wanted; on the harder tyre, we were strong, but with the Safety Car we were not at an advantage”.

I can’t even explain how much I feel proud today in front of my home crowd and my family

The Leclerc was a race on the attack, getting on overtaking, but also of skilled defences, in particular his arch-rival Verstappen, then rammed by Vettel. “The last race opened my eyes, because it made me understand how much we can do, and it’s good for F1 to have these battles to the limit. I’m happy that this race is over”. With this results, Leclerc takes three lengths from Vettel in the world rankings.