The BMW 5-Series: redesign and the new hybrid engine?

The BMW is filling up with hybrid (and even electric): also if the 5 Series has already, in a range of a plug-in hybrid, it seems that the technicians want to offer you even more choice. In fact, it was spotted the model of the graphics test , and a written in “Hybrid Test Vehicle”. There is a small restyling for the BMW 5 Series? Let us find out.

Il profilo della BMW Serie 5 avvistata

The profile of the BMW 5-Series spotted

New hybrid?

As you can see from the pictures in the gallery, on the cover, the skins hide only the front and rear of the car. Dimensions and part high confirm it is the 5 Series. The optical groups are well hidden, but, especially at the front, you can see the signature bright and the design of the lighthouse. Do not seem to have been revolutionized as for the 3 Series or the 1 Series, but they certainly are in the program small cosmetic updates prior to full renewal of the model.

Also, you may get a new hybrid engine that will complement the current 530e xDrive: we can assume that it is the future 545e xDrive, with the units derived from the 745e. Still, though, it is a hypothesis which will be disproved or confirmed in 2020, the year in which you may with the debut of the restyled 5-Series.

Arriverà una BMW 545e xDrive?

There will be a BMW 545e xDrive?