Boris Johnson and the Ferrari F430, a test drive over the lines…

Downing Street has a new tenant: is Boris Johnson, the newly proclaimed prime minister of england. The conservative leader will drive the Uk towards Brexit, the goal desired by a narrow majority of the subjects of Her Majesty, but not yet reached to more than three years by the referendum.

It should be the driver perfect, since that’s now gone premierato Theresa May was Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Yet, there are those who have questioned and in black and white, already some time ago, his ability to guide.

Not the Island, but of the self: Boris Johnson, in fact, before becoming the leader of the british conservative party, was a journalist. By the end of the years 80’s and until the mid-2000’s, it is mainly dealt with politics, earning the reputation as a reporter more eurosceptic to Brussels and the surrounding area, but with many digressions into the field of the four wheels.

On GQ the two-time mayor of London has in fact held for some time a regular column on cars, which they say they are an expert, and has written in 2007 a guide all its own: Life in the Fast Lane: The Johnson Guide to Cars. To dig a little deeper in the years of his collaboration with the popular magazine for men was the his biographer unauthorized Sonia Purnell, in the essay ” Just Boris: a tale of blond ambition.

Two examples of his prose: “it was as if the whole county of Hampshire was lying and he had opened his legs well pasciute to be raped by the Italian stallion”. What did Johnson? The feelings that had caused the Ferrari F430 during one of his tests. The Nissan Murano he said, “What is it saying with a grin plutocratico that grid sparkling? He’s saying, “out of the way, small car driven by a normal person with a modest income. Make your way to the Murano!””. In sum, tone not very politically correct…

Lines memorable that cost much to his newspaper. Not so much because the new “Prime Minister”, which slowly climbed the steps of the policy of England had claimed and obtained to be well paid, but also because, he, in London, the mayor has been particularly attentive to the public transport, more often than not he was parking the car that was in evidence wherever he happened collecting fines on fines.”Boris would never have dreamed of paying for, of course,” recalls his former editor-in-chief Dylan Johnson.

Despite the professional background in the field and, as a good conservative, an understandable passion for luxury cars, Boris Johnson has finished in the crosshairs of the indiscretissimi the tabloids for his personal car: a old minivan Toyota Previa that the paparazzi in london have often immortalized with his cockpit full of waste and the inevitable fines on the windscreen.

In short, that the new premier was a bit messy the, it was understood, as we have also understood the british teams in their nightmares have a Brexit “no deal”, that is, without a trade agreement with the EU. That with the appointment of Johnson becomes a hypothesis still more probable.