A car with foreign plates in Italy: mischievous or a worker? On arrival to the exceptions Toninelli

When he speaks of foreign plates on cars that normally moves in Italy, there are many discussions, often of controversy. Cunning, costs and taxes circumvented in spite of the drivers honest, but also the workers that instead of moving regularly. The Minister Toninelli recently was by the parties of San Marino, where if they see plates are not Italian, but the righteous reasons there are often: “There are also some small reality of workers who, for reasons of border, had the plate”.

The Government, therefore, would be working on the waivers in order to properly handle all the car plates are foreign. Those who have a full right to have it and use it in Italy, and who, as was recalled by the minister referring to the Republic of San Marino “was Using a fake plaque to the foreign residing in Italy”.

To prevent those in the right are punished with heavy fines and seizure of the car (rticoli 93 and 132 of the Code of the Street, recently updated) you are considering the exceptions, not yet put in the work, but apparently ready.