GP Germany ’19: helicopter with Hamilton and Bottas for the arrival of the Mercedes drivers in F1 circuit [video]

Video social the official AMG from the helicopter, the one that brings the two pilots owners (one of the reserves with the greatest of ease) Mercedes F1 on the track, at Hockenheim for the German GP 2019.

The view from the top of the path where it will compete, it does not seem to interest them very much the two of the winning team. Certainly not emozionarli, especially Hamilton, since they are addicted to their Smartphones before the landing.

At Monza, a little more than a month, if they do as usual the two could get with the wheels, off the road, driving in the first person. Lewis, in particular, manages to stand out, positively, with the bike at times, very powerful and Italian. By the time many are also available with a car from the Italian race at Monza. But when it will happen (and it seems it will happen), the relaxation of the mobile phone in the hand if I forget, the sample lacking only the Ferrari to be complete.