GP Germany F1 ’19 Hockenheim: interview with the pilot of the Safety Car

Always does a few laps in the lead, but will never win a GP. And’ the fate of Bernd Maylander, a German born in 1971, since 2000, the pilot of the Safety Car. A record unique and incredible, with one exception, GP of Canada of 2001, when he jumped the appointment of an injury. And then, since 2006, the stop to racing GT for to devote themselves only to the safety car.

The German has long been a reference and in Germany, with 4 safety car in race one before the start, has touched a new record: the most number of laps in the race… “But this time I won anything,” he jokes him.

In Bahrain he hoped to reach the finish line first: “Yes, however I have called the box, and left the chequered flag at Hamilton. Did not change anything, but I have seen well I’m a flag!”.

In Germany the conditions were very difficult: “Yes, really tremendous and for this I went under the podium to applaud the pilots, why finish the race in these conditions is really hard, by round of applause”.

It was so slimy? “yes, I also failed to get out a few times, especially in the last corner before the finish line where they are out of Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, and others. I intraversato and I risked going to crash. You know that fool in the world for…”.

People see the safety car in the head, but doesn’t know how it works… “We are in radio contact with the drivers and the race director, tell us what to do, and we ask under what conditions is the track. In some moments it is difficult to do that because maybe Hamilton complains you’re too slow, Vettel says to slow down, Verstappen who snorts because he does not want it, and so on. Here in Germany, we have decided to do a few laps before the start and then leave the decision to the riders, who started from steady”.

A difficult job, under the eyes of all, and with a minimum amount of time imposed. Maylander, in fact, the Friday and Saturday trains on the circuit, turning in the fastest times possible for a road car, which, however, must not be slower than 40 seconds, compared to an F. 1. It is not easy and often we must take risks, especially on the circuits longer as Baku. On the sides of the departure, before the start, it is easy to find one that jokes around with the press and with some friend pilot, those that run in the F. 1, instead, does not speak to us, because they know that if comes into action, then I am in trouble for someone else…

“This was tough, says Bernd – really hard, entering the track, keep up with the pace, understand the conditions of the fund, which varied depending on if it was in front of the pits, or on the other hand, was a GP also difficult for me, however, the drivers F. 1, were great, all and I respect them very much”.