GP Germany F1 ’19 Hockenheim: the news post-race

The Haas is a settlement of accounts with the drivers

Also in Germany, the two pilots of the Haas were the protagonists of a rotated which, fortunately, did not compromise the GP as the success at Silverstone. On the eve of the race Gunther Steiner was very clear with the drivers: “I saw on TV what had happened, then I turn to the engineer of track, Magnussen and see him which makes me: uhh uhhh noooo. Then I say: but you are touched? and he uhhh uhhh noooo…be sììì and then I see the TV images and I’m dying for some bad words. Same break, same problem. And this is not the first time. If it still happens I take them to kick”. On time, two laps from the end of the German GP, while Grosjean was Magnussen, the Danish the cast a rotated and Romain radio complained, and then when you got out of the car lingered with reporters…”I’d rather stay here talking, the better to answer all the questions from ask me anything, back in the garage and deal with Steiner, I have no desire. When raging is scary… But you all saw what happened. I had passed Kevin without any problems, left the space, but he arrived inside the usual, and I pulled a rotated. You can’t go on like this, I don’t understand what goes on in the head, ruin the team work for shit”. The two Haas machines have finished 9 and 10 (classification is still sub-judice for the two Alfa in the technical verification), but the result could be better seen Grosjean in the early laps was in the top positions. The team is no longer willing to tolerate similar behaviour, and before Germany spoke of appiedare Grosjean, only to then see that as well Magnussen has combined still. And then to assume a decided change of pilots for the future is not far away from reality…

Kvyat on the podium the day after the paternity

For Daniil Kvyat’s grand prix of Germany will remain in the memories as it was the race of redemption sports, with the third seat with Toro Rosso, but especially because the evening before became the father of a little girl. His girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, gave birth in Switzerland and got this nice trophy to Kvyat. Then a weekend to remember, and framing. In the end, have as a father-in-law Nelson Piquet is already a big risk, so best to run it in F. 1, defying the sort of weather when brave German, who find themselves in the house a father-in-law like that… There is to say that even the other pilot Toro Rosso, Albon, was the big star. It was the third of the long part of the race before finishing sixth after the pit stop, the final, botto Mercedes Bottas.

Dad Stroll block the son

The fourth place in the final of Lance Stroll, sometimes even the second, is the result of a father is stubborn that he wants the child protagonist in F. 1. The’ve got the pit stop by switching to slicks first of all, he did make a jump in the standings, but at the base of all there is the decision of the father, which prevents him from commitments worldly, meetings, media and press, or with a sponsor. In fact, being the owner of the team, did not need to do PR, and because…the boy is distracted enough with the girls and the good life, dad Stroll gave a turn of the screw. As long as that is the pilot scheme manic and no distractions. In Germany worked…