GP Germany F1 2019, Hockenheim: the truth about Ferrari

As it were, put the things on Saturday afternoon, think of a second place starting last or undermine the top positions by taking the tenth, for the Ferrari was a dream. Instead, with the stubbornness and obstinacy, the company has succeeded. Vettel, 20 to second, with a flawless race and no errors on the day in so much wrong. Leclerc from tenth to second with the first in the viewfinder before leaving the track. Sin, especially for the error of Charles, because in that moment he could stand in front of Verstappen.

He could win it is not said, of course the Ferrari has collected less than what was guessed on the eve. Because in free practice the red ones were faster, then in qualifying the patatrac (and apparently always with the same technical problem…). Racing In the rain. And here is a view of a Ferrari with two faces. First Vettel two laps in the 20 becomes 14, and lap after lap was on the track the opponents. Leclerc, however, decided to reclaim the positions that count. The pit stop early for Vettel guessed at the times and in the choice of tyres (soft red), same thing with Leclerc. In short, in the race the team has not been wrong. Only that there emerges a particularly important and it is not the first time you note.

The Red Bull has made 5 pit stops with Verstappen, 4 of which are under 2 seconds. The Ferrari has always been very high, especially in the change of the front-right. What was once a flagship of the Ferrari, the pit stop, it became a sore point. And yet men are always the same, the guys are always trained, then something has changed on a technical level? Likely that the new hubs are not as easy to use as those of its rivals. The guns for the pit are always the same company, for all of the teams, even if adapted, then something must have happened to the level of the organization. And if you are not perfect, you will not win.

Here, from the Germany, the Ferrari comes out with a smile in half. He straightened out a difficult situation of evidence”, Well even if I do not consider it a victory because he has won Verstappen – said Vettel – it is true that I am very happy for how it went and I think that the German public the merits that the F. 1 remains here, as in Silverstone and Monza, tracks historical where cheering is heard, and is nice for the riders.”

But he has done something wrong in the pit stop, so much so that it has also taken 5 thousand euro fine for having made a start in an insecure manner Leclerc. And it went good with the pilot retired, the commissioners have applied only a fine instead of a time penalty. So, in the day that have not won a Mercedes still wins a Red Bull, and Ferrari must work on several fronts is glaring. Reliability, the management of the pit stop, and general vision. In seven days we will see if any of these issues is resolved.