GP Germany F1 2019: the comment in the race [photo gallery]

For sure will go down in history as one of the races most crazy and unpredictable of the F. 1 and when the conditions become critical, in the end the winner is the one that has all the numbers to be remembered. In Germany, Max Verstappen took his seventh victory in the F. 1 but he did it in such a way to be framed. The weather variables, the track is impracticable, the outputs of the road, the three virtual safety car and the four safety car, they shuffled the cards and only keeping the coolness, clarity and talent, it was possible to stay away from the traps of the circuit.

Traps which have claimed victims distinguished: Bottas and Hamilton with the Mercedes, defeated without appeal in the first house, the one in which Netflix had deployed cameras everywhere in the box of gray, Leclerc and Hulkenberg, Gasly and Perez, all on the wall without appeal, and then retreats Ricciardo and Norris, KO with the Renault engines, and the incredible tactics of Red Bull Racing and Point, which have led to Kvyat on the third step of the podium in front of Stroll and the great comeback of Sebastian Vettel, at the end of the second Ferrari after starting last.

A Grand Prix with all the ingredients of the F. 1 other time, one in which they were the men to make the difference. And in these circumstances deserve an applause for those that have passed without errors the race. One as Giovinazzi, for example, the eighth but with the third fastest lap of the race which, for an error of the team (referred to in the box at the wrong time) and lost a podium was within his reach and that he would raise for sure. But good even so, given that the Alfa Romeo has captured an eighth place behind Raikkonen in seventh, even if Kimi the ball he did and put us in a patch.

But apart from all, is the undertaking of Verstappen. Got a bad start in the wet, he has done something wrong in the management as has happened in Austria. And as happened at Zeltweg is not lost of mind, from second to fifth and then fourth after a few curves, and has maintained the coldness. He realized that the slick tires yellow mounted to the first pit stop were wrong, he corrected and revived, he recovered and surpassed without appeals. In all of this is supported by Red Bull, why make 5 pit stops and change tires in less than 2 seconds on 4 occasions, it means that the team has worked perfectly.

And the Honda, which had hoped for a victory, now finds himself with the first Red Bull and third place Red Bull’s, that is, two engines on the podium. A day to remember for them, and at the house of the germans. In short, with everything that has happened, the only thing that changes is the ranking of the world championship, Hamilton ahead of Bottas, Mercedes-benz is always first, but the disappointment of a defeat so it is strong.

Lewis had the excuse of the fever, which perhaps caused him to lose clarity, making it exit (and peck well as the penalties for a back to the box by cutting the entrance), but there are other errors committed by Hamilton, which is not wrong by three years. Bad sign for the rivals, because for every time Hamilton gets it wrong, then the rest of the season there is more and does not leave space to nobody, so… that Said, on the bank of the naughty this time there also ends Leclerc.

Fast, quick, able to recover from 10th to 4th place in just a few laps. And then the exit of the last curve, the one that has cost us dearly in Hamilton, Hulkenberg (who has left there his Renault when he was in the position of the head), but also Raikkonen and others, who, however, have saved. An error that the monaco has understood and that the team has not done weigh. The fact remains that the experience is useful and this time Vettel proved this with a result that restores confidence, charging and optimism for the future. Behold, Hocknheim come out the winners and losers with certainty that games like this happen once every ten years. For the next decade, the problem is resolved, and then it returns to normal.