Police car: just BMW, in Germany’s switch to Mercedes and Ford

Curious choice on the part of the German police of north rhine-westphalia: from the BMW 3 Series, in fact, you will pass the Mercedes Vito and Ford S-Max. The step has been confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior, and is justified by demand on the part of the agents to have the car more comfortable but above all spacious compared to the ones supplied until today.

The first Vito will be handed over to the Police in the course of the autumn, the chosen version is the one with a long wheelbase, but in the same way as the S-Max will put the uniform Vito to the short wheelbase with diesel engines from 190 HP. Commendable on the part of the German Police, the choice of focus tends to be on the German production, although it should be pointed out that the Ford S-Max in the collective are seen as the car to “German” (Ford of Europe is very strong) are american products specifically produced in the Spanish factory in Valencia.

In Italy things work differently. Because of the decrees of the anti-corruption that have occurred in the course of the years, the cars of the P. A. come in the notices state in which all the oems can participate. That’s why there are only car of the Group FCA in uniform but also those belonging to all other brands in the auto world.