Wasteland 3: the RPG InXile is shown in a new gameplay trailer

In the course of the new event Inside the Xbox, Microsoft is back again to show in action Wasteland 3, the new installment of the RPG series strategic developed by InXile Entertainment and waited for the next year.

The new trailer of Wasteland 3, you can take a look at the top of the news, allows us to give a more in depth look to the mechanics of gameplay in the new iteration of the series. Particular attention is placed on the tactical combat system, but we can also admire the environments in which we’ll move our military forces, between which we find in both buildings at the closed of so much bleak as fascinating snow-covered expanses. There is also space to show briefly the system of equipment and some of the characters through which they will be narrated the events of the game.

Leaving the vision, we remind you that Wasteland 3 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One during the spring of 2020. Waiting for the title to make its official debut, you can in the meantime take part in the Alpha that will be held starting from Wednesday 21st, and that will give you a substantial taste of the combat system of the game. The lucky attendees of GamesCom 2019 Cologne can already try it by yourself the title, which will be present at the fair in the form of a playable.