The Alfa Giulia in the DTM? May be so…

Who would not want anAlfa Romeo returned to winning in racing, as in the times of the DTM 1993-1996 when the 155 with Larini and Nannini allowed him to take the slaps, the germans in their home?

At a distance of over a quarter of a century, Romeo engaged again in competitions as tourism continues to grab the imagination of the most young, as the designer Lorenzo Meadows, alias LP Design, author, render really remarkable on its help page, Facebook.

Lorenzo had imagined how could it be an Alfa Romeo Giulia Cloverleaf version of the DTM, by drawing it engaged in the track in a beautiful red Alfa in step with the times and aerodynamic appendages generous, with the touch of class of the seat tube of the rear view mirror shot on the outside, in the manner of some of the GT and Formula 1.