Skoda Octavia RS: crash during testing [spy Photos]

It seems that the testing the future generation of the Skoda Octavia RS has stopped with advance. In fact, how to show the images in the gallery, the car was in an accident with the intervention of the tow truck for removal. The car has been completely covered to not reveal the secrets, then we know it is of the Octavia RS only rumors. In the meantime, let’s try to understand what happened.

Yet at the top

The model has impacted with the front, especially the left side. It seems to have been a big crash with something very heavy, in fact, the bonnet is totally distorted and there are pieces of the reinforcement on the front to the ground. The good news is that, even with a bang of the kind, in the area of the passenger compartment looks completely immaculate and we hope the tester will not be injured. In any case, it can also be appreciated from these unexpected the excellent work of the Houses, and in this case of Skoda, the safety of everyone on board.

I tecnici Skoda caricano il modello sul carro attrezzi

The technical Skoda load the model on the tow truck