GT Sport: Porsche Taycan and new models coming [Video]

Among the many innovations in the automotive sector of the Frankfurt show, there is also space for the virtual with an interesting news involving Sony and Porsche.

In a press conference, the two giants have declared they will extend their partnership, specifically by giving much space to the new electric cars and hybrid vehicles of the House of Stuttgart. This event also is the creator and the creator of the series Gran Turismo: Kazunori Yamauchi.

The revolution power of the real-world impact also on the car park which we will see in the upcoming titles racing? Probably you and this conference could mark the beginning of the abandonment (of course gradually) of heat engines in video games.

It starts from the Taycan

During the event were not communicated the precise dates , but according to different rumors, in the update of October the first model that can be used by virtual pilots will be the Porsche Taycan.

Already shown in the video, the car is completely electric, it will be offered to the fans of GT Sport in its most efficient version: the Taycan Turbo S.

The new born of Stuttgart zero emission promises numbers, and performance mind-boggling: 761 HP and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h under 3 seconds. Not bad for a vehicle that stops the scale at 2370 kg true?

In addition to Taycan Turbo S two other cars should be included in the future update:

  • Porsche 917 “Living Legend”, the heir modern hybrid (in 918), which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary winner of Le Mans. Porsche has never built a working version of this car, then, when will it arrive in the game in the first part of 2020, and the players of GT Sport will be the first in the world to drive it;
  • Porsche Vision Gran Turismo , which, unlike the prototype already present in the game, will be recreated using the specifications of the actual project. We do not know when it will come “online” but may be added by the end of 2020.