Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Italy: results from the Vallelunga circuit [Video]

After the appointment of the Mugello, the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Italia returns to inflame the simracers faster of Italy with the penultimate round: Vallelunga, italy.

Danilo Santoro, the neo purchase of the Jean Alesi Esports Academy, has to defend his leadership by Pierluca Loved, and John De Salvo, here are all the results of the PRO category.

Vallelunga: race one

The Vallelunga circuit is a circuit which is very technical and that puts a strain on the virtual pilots, especially when they have to try and overtake. Race one part without a hitch, and, while Chalmers remains Tozzato and won the fourth place, there, in front of the Beloved is really evil and wants at all costs to take the leadership held its own from the rival league: Danilo Santoro.

In the third the piazza De Salvo waiting diligently by studying the opponents and, while the stopwatch mark of 21 minutes of the race, he has the right occasion: Loved overdo it on the brakes, finishing long, De (Except when it sticks and protects, to the next curve, a much desired second position. More back Tozzato must defend himself against Simonin who, despite numerous attempts and a penalty as extended, must be content with sixth place.

The flag, chess , are presented in this order: Santoro, author of a race very cold and without burrs, De Salvo and Loved. Out of the top 3 instead of Chalmers, Tozzato, Simonin, Magoni, Timis and Rota.

Bandiera scacchi a Vallelunga: vince la prima gara Danilo Santoro seguito da Giovanni De Salvo e Pierluca Amato

Flag chess at Vallelunga: wins the first race of Danilo Santoro followed by John De Salvo and Pierluca Loved

Race two: Chalmers docet

Inversion of the starting grid, lights turned on and you can start for race two, with the comment of Ivan Nesta and Daniel Routledge, Gran Prix TV. As often happens, the second competition is always the most eventful and, while Simonin guide the race, loads of stories and Tozzato try to chase.

Spend 10 minutes and behind start the fights body to body: Tozzato and Loved each other with a few “bussatina” while De Salvo is still a member of the audience silent, waiting for the opportunity more tempting. Nothing to do for the Beloved, Tozzato will come to the end of the race, maintaining third place, while Santoro will have to settle for the sixth position.

The return of the flame instead for Corrado Chalmers, the rider of the GTWR Car Man reaches Simonin, in the final throes and prepares to attack the leadership. The two give us a nice duel side-by-side, with the changes of trajectory and he could leave a spot worthy of a true race but, in the end, it will be just loads of stories to dull after countless attempts.

Race two concludequindi with Chalmers in the first position, followed by a Simonin in great shape and a Tozzato worn down by the arduous defense of the last step of the podium. With regard to the ranking of the championship Danilo Santoro feels closer to the victory with 103 points, Loved fall to 86 points, while, for the third step of the final podium, De Salvo (77 points) will need to be careful Chalmers (70 points) in the last two races of the season.

The next event on 5 October in Misano for the final rush that will decide the overall winner of the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Italy.