F1 GP Russia 2019: the weather forecast in Sochi

In the weekend Formula 1 heads to Sochi for the Grand Prix of Russia, the sixteenth round of the season 2019. The autumn just started, the instability of the time is a variable not to be underestimated: how will things go on the weekend? According to the weather forecast, the probability that the rain sparigli the cards on the table are very high, at the moment are provided for precipitation both Saturday and Sunday. But let’s go with order.

The 11 local Friday, at which time will begin the first session of free practice for the GP of Russia 2019, the weather will be variable , and the temperature will be around 21 degrees. The situation will remain unchanged for the FP2 the 15, with temperatures around 21 degrees. In the night between Friday and Saturday on the circuit should involve heavy rainfall, which should end around 11 Saturday morning. Likely, then, that the track was not completely dry for about 12, when they will take off the FP3.

At 15.00, when alert the qualifications of the GP of Russia, the sky should be partly cloudyand mild temperatures: the mercury will stop about 20 degrees. The pilots in contention, then, should not be forced to change the performance of C4 with the wet-weather tyres.

It may not go as well Sunday: the formation lap of the GP of Russia will start at 14.10 local, with the weather improving after the precipitation expected in the morning. If the rain were to continue up to lunch time, it is plausible that you are starting with the track being dry.