Chevrolet Corvette: the roof, here’s the Convertible

IT turns out IN a HURRY – fully Renovated in July, on the occasion of the changeover to the architecture of the central engine, the eighth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette will be delivery in the United States by February 2020 with body coupe and convertible. The latter has been presented in the last few hours and has the unique features of the roof in two parts, folding electrically, which takes 16 seconds to disappear inside of a compartment in the rear; this is done through six small electric motors, which are more reliable according to the Chevrolet of those electro-mechanical systems used for the old model. The operation can be performed even when the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible is in motion, provided it does not exceed the speed of 50 km/h.

BORN STIFF – The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible comes strictly from the coupe version, and it is true that the american home has not had even stiffen the chassis (as is the case for many self discoveries) to compensate for the lack of a roof: the eighth generation of the Corvette was designed from the outset as a cabriolet, and this has allowed engineers to develop a platform rigid enough. Once folded, also, the hood does not subtract the space for luggage: as for the Coupe, in the rear cockpit there is space for two golf bags. To change from the Corvette Coupe is the cover of the engine, because in the place of the rear window glass there is a flat surface made of metal, while between the two protectors behind the seats “check” the glass is adjustable, which avoids the formation of vortices of air in the passenger compartment.

COMPETITIVE PRICE – The V8 engine of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible is the same 6.2 of the coupe capable of 497 HP or 502 HP by ordering the exhaust system for high performance. The new Corvette Convertible will have a higher price of 7500 dollars compared to the Coupe, then the United States will start to 67,500 dollars (61.700 euros at today’s exchange). Even adding the local taxes are different from state to State, the list price remains much lower compared to rivals Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster and the Porsche 911 Cabrio in Europe cost well over 100,000 euros.