Alfa Romeo, the two-day layoff at Cassino in November

Other two-day layoff at the factory Alfa Romeo to Cassino: the production will be interrupted on 8 and 15 November. In total, from January to November, they then rise to 96 days of downtime in the factory where they are assembled Giulia, Stelvio and Juliet.

The crisis of the sales of Alfa Romeo continues on, forcing the workers of Cassino, italy the cassa integrazione. The days of stop in the factory of Alfa in 2019 could already tap portion 100 in November, saw that there might be other fasteners of the lines before the end of the month.

It does not end here: the contraction of the demand of the models of Alfa Romeo, in fact, could lead to a christmas closure of the plant of Cassino longer than that of 2018. The factory may close its doors from mid-December through until late January.

To wait for news of importance to the plant of Cassino, you will need to likely wait until the end of 2020, when should begin the production of the new SUV from the house of Maserati. A tight round, instead there will be model year 2020 of Giulia and the Stelvio, with news on the front of the infotainment and driver assistance systems.