BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe vs. Mercedes CLA: which do you prefer?

RIVALS DIRECT – how Could BMW leave the field free to the Mercedes in another “niche” of the market, the sedan-coupe of medium size? Of course not, and, after some years of undisputed sway, the Mercedes CLA has now a worthy contender. Is the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe, which will be in showrooms in march 2020 and has all the necessary ingredients to undermine the well-established rival, had recently the second generation. We see, therefore, the similarities and differences between the two cars.

ARC AND WEDGEBMW 2 Series Gran Coupe and Mercedes CLA have a line that eye-catching, sleek and inspired by that of the coupe. The Mercedes has smoother surfaces and a shape slightly arched, the BMW is perhaps more gritty but less “clean” and has a setting wedge, with the nose low and the tail high. The 2 Series Gran Coupe measures 452 cm from the bumper to the other, while the CLA comes in at 469 cm. The wheelbase of the CLA is greater than 6 cm: 273 against 267 cm. The two cars, both five-seater, do not neglect vans have good capacity, even in this case, the CLA (460 litres) is greater than the 2-Series Gran Coupe (430 litres), both sofas have backs that are divided into three parts.

DIFFERENT STYLES – The two sedans differ in a marked way on the inside. The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe has a plank more traditional, with the classic middle console surmounted by the touch screen 10,25”. The Mercedes CLA has instead a dash is less conventional, with the two screens side by side to the instrumentation and a multimedia system that seem to be leaning against the dashboard that, in this way, it appears less massive. In both cases, are available sophisticated multimedia systems with voice assistant intelligent.

RANGES – THE engines of the two rivals are 3-or 4-cylinder. The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe is available with the turbobenzina, 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter, which has 140 HP: the base price of the 240i is 32.300 euro. There are also the 220d with the turbodiesel 4-cylinder 2.0-190 HP, at the price of 41.900 euros, and the M235i xDrive with the turbobenzina 4-cylinder 2.0 306-HP: costa 53.500 euro with the 4×4 and the automatic transmission 8 speed series. Other engines will come in 2020. The range of the Mercedes CLA is the most abundant and can count only on 4-cylinder engines: the version of the input is the 180, which mounts the engine turbobenzina 1.3 136 HP and costs 31.979 euro base. The other petrol engines are the CLA 200 with 163 HP, the CLA 220 with 190 HP, the CLA 250 with 224 HP, the AMG 35 with 306 HP and the AMG 45 with 421 HP, which costs 67.390 euro. The diesel take the 180d 116 HP, which costs 32.990 euro, up to the 220d with the diesel 2.0-190 HP from 43.310 euro.