McCharge, Sweden, the charging points of Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald’s launches a program related to sustainable mobility: it is McCharge, which sees the introduction of charging for electrical vehicles in every restaurant of the chain in Sweden. The nation scandinavian has been chosen as a pilot country because of the large diffusion on the territory of the car green.

At the moment there are 55 of the columns of charge installed by Mcdonald’s in Sweden. Mcdonald’s has chosen to imitate the style of the distributors of fuel-traditional, adding under his own banner the information about the cost of charging per minute and the price of two iconic products of the brand, the Big Mac and the Happy Meal.

Mcdonald’s follows the example of Ikea: in every point of sale of the Swedish brand, including Italy, are available charging stations for electric cars. For now, the project of Mcdonald’s is limited to Sweden, but it may be extended to other nations.

The market for electric cars in Sweden has increased exponentially in the first five months of the year, recording an increase of 253% , thanks to government incentives. The nation nordic has also announced the stop to the sales of cars with internal combustion engine in 2030.