Seat Arona, How goes it in Business [Video]

The guest of this episode of “How it goes” is the new compact Crossover in the B segment , which is from Spain: Seat Arona. In version bi-fuel, or the TGI 1.0 from 90CV. In our video story, we show you how to use Seat Arona to travel, also in the workplace on the highway. The variant engine TGI gas, typical of the range Seat, which first brought in the small SUV, is the one that also allows for nice savings in fuel costs, giving source to heat 1.0 three-cylinder that is the dowry of the double power supply: petrol and cng.

The vehicle based on the proven platform from the compact dimensions, MQB-A0, shared with VW and Audi, Arona TGI offers this interesting option. When travelling on the motorway its only 4,13 metres of space are combined to the net convenience effective as regards consumption. The savings allowed from the gas derives not only from the price net (currently around 1 euro per Kg) but also from the actual performance, compared to conventional fuels. Your traveling at close to the speed limit, with the small three-cylinder that runs a little over three thousand thanks to the six gears, you can appreciate the discreet silence of Arona: about 72 decibels in the passenger compartment.

The level of balancing and assembling the crossover Seat is very grown up compared to the old models of the House, as well as unexpected is its quiet running motor, if it does not exceed with the engine rpm. Sit on a small crossover for the trip does not run, but the setting choice of Seat is very balanced. On board there are certain effects fearsome when talking about cars raised, compared to the classic compact sedans, with the advantages of comfort, even with these overall dimensions reduced.

The consumption side, driving on the motorway during our tests, we found approximately 4.3 / 4.5 Kg/100 km: very few euro thinking about a trip like the one that is allowed by the tanks of Arona TGI. The stops at service stations, to fill the three tanks to be 13.8 Kg. the totals are also possible in a “dry” methane, using nine litres of petrol. The overall range is then up to about 400 Km, 300 km of which is methane. At the end of the test, the accounts to hand, our Arona TGI has consumed 8.7 Kg of methane along 224 km stretch of motorway, which is approximately 25 Km/Kg. A cost lower than that of diesel engines.

In addition to the modernity of the style of a typical Seat, on Arona there are technical solutions derived from the large German group: assistance to the guide as it is held multiple and blind spot, especially due to cruise control for traveling on the highway. In the cockpit, Arona offers a vibrant environment. Appreciable ’Infotainment on – touch, eight-inch-compatible with Apple Carplay and Android auto. The devices, moreover, on the Arona are in wireless charging. There are various menu activated with a proximity sensor, the navigation and a useful vision for the maneuvers. Arona, in fact, changed parking aid with active assistance and room color. Instrumentation, very rational, you read indications of the level of fuels (which are two) and autonomy precise, since the methane plant to the mother House.

The current price list of Seat Arona part from € 17.450 (versions Reference) gross of any promotions. The price difference for a drive on cng is 1,500 euros, depreciable in the short time with the savings on fuel. In Italy, today, among the charges, is to be counted just to make the supply gas only when there is an employee, not in self-service. In substance it runs, and not sports, but with the small SUV’s Spanish also the average trip distance is feasible in complete safety and above all convenience.