Skoda Octavia: the we wizard preview

Coming IN 2020 – The new edition of the sedan and wagon mid-sized Skoda Octavia will be presented in mid-November 2019 and will arrive in dealerships in the spring of 2020 (first the family, and, three months later, the sedan). In the meantime, we can anticipate some aspects of the wagon, we could see a preview in the final version (the images will be released only to the official presentation) and guided in the pre-production aircraft (with the body clothed in the photos, watch the video below). The new Skoda Octavia is based on the latest edition of the MQB platform of the Volkswagen group. For instance, the one that will give life to the next Golf, it, too, coming in 2020. In the case of the Skoda Octavia Wagon, the length grows two inches, for a total of 469 cm, while the wheelbase remains unchanged. To gain is the chest: according to the house, its capacity of the sofa is in use passes of 610 litres, 640. Many for a wagon of this category.

WELL as HYBRID AND natural gas – As to engines, there is plenty of choice. The two models of mild hybrid, or hybrid “lightweight”, they have the 1000 turbo three-cylinder with 110 HP or the 1.5 four-cylinder and 150 HP, both are paired to a small electric unit powered by a battery of 48 V and the gearbox is the robotised DSG dual clutch gearbox with 7 gears. The same engines are also offered with the six-speed manual transmission, but without the electrification. Only petrol there is also the 2.0-190 HP with the transmission DSG 7-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive. The two are also the hybrid versions of rechargeable, i.e. plug-in: 204 or 245 HP, both with the 1.4 petrol (with dual clutch gearbox 6-speed) combined with an electric motor. For those who prefer to travel in diesel, the choice is between a 2.0 with 116 HP, 150 or 200 horses (the latter also in combination with the 4×4). And, don’t miss the Skoda Octavia cng monovalent (the petrol tank is only 9 liters) with 1.5 to 150 HP and transmission robotized 7-speed manual with a ratio of less. Then the offer of the Skoda Octavia will include the versions sport RS and those type suv Scout, with the layout of the mezzanine and four-wheel drive.

FACILITIES – For the Skoda Octavia there are two types of rear axle (the front axle follows the classic scheme of McPherson): the most simple axle torque and, for versions with power above 150 HP, the refined multi-link (multi-link). For both of them, they are offered as an option, the suspension control electronic, complete for mode Individual for finer adjustments according to their own taste. Among the many safety devices there is one that warns of the coming from behind a cyclist or other vehicle when you open the door. In addition, in the steering in emergency (for example, to avoid the investment of a pedestrian, the driver is helped by the system that helps make the evasive maneuver.

EVERYTHING ANOTHER LOOK – Despite the body “wrappata”, the Skoda Octavia Wagon is a clue to much of his appearance. For example, the headlights. Instead of the two rectangular side-by-side, there is only one, thin and sharp. The projectors are also proposed to the led matrix. That is, while maintaining active the high beams, they create a cone of shadow in order not to blind those coming in the opposite direction or ahead of us. Classic and elegant, the grille remains typical of Skoda, but is more large, prominent, and placed at the bottom. However, they are in the back of the most significant new features. The rear window are more inclined adds a nice dose of momentum and the thin taillights, horizontal, rather than vertical, lighten the whole. The result is a car more personal and elegant style that has little in common with the models that have preceded it.

ALMOST LUXURIOUS – Even more clearly the jump of quality to the interior, which is cozy. The new dashboard, enriched with inserts in fabric, Alcantara or wood, which are matched to the profiles (with soft lighting and integrated) of the various colors, it is elegant, and the shape of degrading gives airiness. At the center stands the screen overhang (up to 10”) of the modern multimedia system, complete with voice commands, advanced, sign, sim card is internal and the ability to manage certain features of your car from your smartphone. For example, the opening and closing of the doors at a distance. There is also a head-up display and, in the dashboard, an effective instrumentation digital 10” and configurable: it can show the map of the navigation screen and change the size of the virtual dials for speedometer and tachometer. The other highlight for the versions with the dual-clutch gearbox, the lever chrome e-mail in the tunnel, to be operated with the thumb and index (similar to the one of the last Porsche) in place of the traditional lever. The interior of the new Skoda Octavia is also pay attention to practicality. In addition to the umbrellas inserted in the front doors, already present in other models of the house, has two small pockets on the side of the backrests in the front for the phones and a Usb socket (of the more modern type C) next to the inside rear view mirror to connect, for example, a camera.

HOW it GOES – We drove the Skoda Octavia Wagon with the 2.0 turbo diesel 150 HP and the gearbox double-clutch seven-speed gearbox, and the one with the 1.5 turbo diesel of equal power, coupled to manual transmission with six reports. Of the two, is the first to have convinced more. The 2.0 pushes with regularity and without getting to feel too much, well supported by the efficient DSG gearbox that, in the function Sport, promotes a guide lively taking longer gears. There are also the paddles behind the steering wheel, for the manual entry of reports. The suspension is not too soft, damage agility, but effectively absorb the majority of the disconnections while the steering, not too light, it’s accurate. The biting of the brakes, the pedal is well modulated. It must be said that of the four driving modes that should propose the final version (activated with the key in the console), we could only select the Normal that is a compromise between comfort and sportiness. Behavior that is similar to the version with the 1.5 petrol, which has a smooth but not incisive, especially in the under 2200 rpm. More significantly, however, the maneuverability of the exchange rate.