Rome: from November stop to the diesel Euro3

November, the leaves fall and in Rome they stop the diesel Euro3: the measure, announced in February 2019 the mayor-Rays, and then formalized in may by a resolution of the board, provides that from November 1 the prohibition of the movement of the permanent of the diesel vehicles Euro 3 in ” the “railway Ring”.

Even if, because of the vagaries of the calendar, the operation of the new rule slide Monday 4 November, it is now acquired that from Monday to Friday, except for midweek holidays, cars and vans running on diesel with euro 3 type approval will have to remain outside the central areas, and semicentrali of the Capital; are excluded from the measure to certain categories of vehicles (invalid mark, emergency and rescue etc), while the means of transporting goods is provided for a transitional period (in force until 31 march 2020), during which the ban will be active from Monday to Friday, during the time slots 7.30-10.30 and 16.30-20.30.

The measure goes in the direction repeatedly announced from the Capitol: delete all the diesel from the historic centre by 2024, to contain the pollution and protect the health of the romans, in respect of the commitments made at Rome to the fight against climate change and in line with the PUMS (Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility), approved in August, and now awaiting the comments of the citizens.

Translated into numbers, it is estimated at less than 230,000 vehicles potentially affected by the measure, of which more than 100,000 passenger cars orbiting the area now prohibited to the circulation.

Ever since November, finally, in the context of planned interventions to contain and prevent the air pollution, should return to the ecological Sundays, usually once a month, and five in total, coming up in march, which calls for the stop to the circulation of petrol and diesel car regardless of approval, to leave space to forms of “sweet“ mobility, such as bicycles.

Nella cartina ri Roma, l'area interessata dal provvedimento è quella corrispondente all'anello ferroviario, in viola

In the detailed re Rome, the area affected by the measure is the one corresponding to the ring rail, in purple