F1 GP USA 2019: Ferrari, analysis of a mystery

Ferrari, the analysis of a mystery. Charles Leclerc finished in fourth place, ahead of almost a minute while Vettel retired after 8 laps failure of the suspension. This is the final result, but beyond the numbers, the american race was a cold shower for the head of the GES, Mattia Binotto, who has not celebrated its fiftieth birthday: “We have to analyse what happened with Seb, while to Charles the first set of tires didn’t work and we have not figured out why, since then, with the other two, the lap times were valid, we need to analyze and understand the why of this cold shower came after a series of fine races on our part”.

Since the way Vettel has paid duty losing immediately of the positions and complaining via radio to have something abnormal on the machine. “I have not touched anything but I can’t steer I have much understeer,” he had said via the radio. Then, suddenly, at the bend 8 the failure with the rupture of the lower triangle of the rear suspension right. It is not a break-up that happens by chance, there will probably be some excursion off-track or on a curb (without forgetting the many bumps on the asphalt deteriorated) in the course of the weekend may have caused the breakage. It went well which took place at the point where the pilot could control the car without further damage.

As to Leclerc , his race remains a mystery, since on the straight, where usually the Ferrari had a big margin, he never managed to get around the area of the rivals. Indeed, in this race, the Ferrari seemed to have lost all the benefit shown from Belgium and that has yielded three victories in a row at Spa, Monza and Singapore. The malignant or the plotters are answered in the letter of clarification that the Red Bull has sent to the Federation, which has specified what is prohibited and what is allowed. The Ferrari was in the rule to the tests, but the plotters have found their answer in the performance under tone of red.

A setback that makes you think and demands answers soon, maybe the end of the next GP of Brazil in two weeks

Forgetting that since Friday, with lap times less than the Mercedes on this track, the arrangements were not what we expected. And that Leclerc had to use an engine Evo2 after breaking his Evo3 in free practice on Saturday morning, yet arrived at a tenth from the pole, with a motor less powerful, a sign that the difference is perhaps not there. It is then a Ferrari back in the USA, with the two big questions: why is is broken the suspension in Vettel, and because in the race you are not able to take advantage of what was a winning feature of the Ferrari in the second part of the season. To complicate the day, there is also the pit stop, Leclerc, slow for a gun that has not screwed well a rubber. A setback that makes you think and demands answers soon, maybe the end of the next GP of Brazil in two weeks, because I see the races with a Ferrari in front of me is more taste to the world. Or what’s left of it.