Formula 1, 2019, the result of the race the United States Gp: wins for Bottas. The standings and calendar

SIXTH TITLE – Lewis Hamilton (photo above) is in the legend. The 34-year-old Mercedes of the end, according to the United States Grand Prix, won by team-mate Valtteri Bottas, and graduated world champion for the sixth time in his career, thus becoming the second most successful driver in Formula 1: off Juan Manuel Fangio, with five championships won in career, and puts you in the viewfinder the seven titles of Michael Schumacher. The Gp of the Usa, 2019 is not, however, was a formality for Hamilton, although he could be satisfied with the eighth place, because the English champion has tried until the last to arrive first to the finish line and hired a good duel with Bottas, who is managed with the intent to “gift” a small sorrow to the most-titled team-mate.

VETTEL NOW OUT – The start of the race is vibrant, because Bottas defends the pole position, but behind him, Sebastian Vettel is losing ground because of a mechanical failure to his Ferrari from second on the grid rushes to the sixth, but on lap eight he is forced to retreat. To mark the fugitive Bottas thinks Max Verstappen, Red Bull, preceding Hamilton and Charles Leclerc Ferrari; the ferrari driver, however, struggling to keep the pace of the three riders preceding it. The first to stop are Verstappen and Bottas, who returned to the track behind Leclerc (at that time second), but using a handful of laps and put it over him, to bear witness of the difficulties accused by Ferrari after the excellent qualifications. To complicate the race of Leclerc there is also the error at the pit stop lasted longer than expected due to the difficulty of the mechanics to enter the circle.

VERSTAPPEN’s THIRD – To around twenty-five Bottas over Hamilton, who shortly after went back to the box and prepares the strategy with a stop, against the two rivals. The English pilot “flies” with new tyres and is back below Verstappen, who goes back to the pits at lap thirty-five for the second tyre change, anticipating a lap Bottas. At this point the situation reverses, because they are Bottas and Verstappen to turn on the best times of Hamilton, who resists with the teeth for fifteen laps but he gives the first position to the fifty-second step. A few corners from the end it seems that Verstappen can overcome the English, but the marshals are waving the yellow flags after the release of the track of another rider, and Verstappen is forced, therefore, to raise the foot from the accelerator, being satisfied with the third position.