F1 GP USA 2019: the report cards of Austin

Also when Bottas runs from the sample, Hamilton still manages to steal the scene from him: so we have to start from the English, which comes “only” in second place but takes home the sixth world title, entering even more in the legend. And eye because the record of Schumacher is shooting. Here we are not interested in discussing whether they are more than the three titles of the Seine, of the two, Clark or six of Hamilton: other times, other car, other contexts. Here we are only interested in celebrating the talent of the champion of champions English, that this year was not wrong at all, running with a consistency even higher than in the past. Rather, it is interesting to observe that the years pass for everyone, and that the parable of the sample – this time, in the sense of the good, indeed very good, it is also true for Hamilton: the young champion fast and without fear reverential, but a little impetuous, he left the place to a pilot today, in spite of his record of pole position, in the management of the race, his best weapon, with which she manages to keep at bay the young people of today that maybe a lap would be well capable of surclassarlo. Because Hamilton today is this: instinct and wisdom, fame and ability of management. All with a team that initially did not want (were Ross Brown and Niki Lauda to convince Mercedes to engage him) but that he has found his lighthouse. And then vote 10 and praise regardless. Watson.

Vote 10 and praise but also to Bottas, because if we consider the week-end, the american, the Finnish, it was just perfect: the elusive in qualifying, where he outclassed also be significantly Hamilton, a hammer in the race, and twice capable of attacking Hamilton, by exploiting the different strategy. So the Finnish confirms an idea that we blend in the head a long time: the difference between the fast driver and the champion of the world is often not just the lap time, but the ability to express themselves in every weekend on the higher levels. In the meantime, however, for this race, very good.

“Only” 3° Verstappen and how he had put the race in the early laps was under the impression that the Dutch could aim at the big target: instead, Bottas has shown a seal bomb-proof, and in general the Mercedes-benz underlined a superiority not seen in a while, so is it true that you were placed first and second with two different strategies. As if to say that what counts was the color of the body… But the Dutch this time it’s not wrong at all, he pulled all the time and we tried until the end, perhaps, without the yellow flag final at the end of the main straight, could have launched the attack to Hamilton. Vote 9: waiting for a Red Bull more consistent.

Quarto posto per Leclerc ad Austin

Fourth place for Leclerc at Austin

Definitely disappointing, instead, the 4° place Leclerc, a whole weekend to forget for Ferrari, including reliability problems with the various (engine in practice for Leclerc, the suspension in the race for Vettel), a performance very different between qualifying and the race, and a performance far away from the levels to which we had grown accustomed. The monaco in this context, it has done what it could, also thanks to an engine without the latest evolutions, and in this perspective you can’t be too critical with him. Voto 6,5: turn the page.

More difficult to assess Vettel, given the problems that have hit in races: when in doubt, vote 7, with all the attenuating circumstances generic, the case.

At the back of the sole Ferrari to the finish line we find Albon, the author of another comeback amazing is a result of the contact, after the one staged in Sochi: ok the car is competitive, but compared to the efficiency of Gasly in the Red Bull there is no comparison to the pace and ability to get rid of the slower opponents, and sorry, honestly, for the French have to say. And let us remember that we are talking about a rookie, very young, put it in the car almost more for lack of alternatives than because of real conviction: vote 8,5, waiting for the first podium.

Great race for Ricciardo, “the first of the other” with a Renault that appears in the shot in the last few races: the australian runs with the same determination as always, even if the positions to which they can aspire are not the ones he was used to, but this is only a reason of merit in the most. Vote 8,5: generous.

Another solid test for Norris, 7°, and a long time in the fight just with Ricciardo: English this is no longer a surprise, but it’s always a pleasure to see him in the fight for the positions that count: vote 7,5, confirmation.

It goes a little tight instead of the 8th place to Sainz, affected by contact with Albon to the first curve (for which none of the two sins in particular: the curve will also be spectacular, but seems to be designed specifically to become a trap in the way…). The Spanish could have gone better, but also much worse: when in doubt, vote 7.

Ottavo posto per Sainz ad Austin

Eighth place finish for Sainz at Austin

Still the points Hulkenberg, penalized by a strategy that is a little strange on the part of Renault, but it is right also to admit that Ricciardo in recent races you are expressing on other levels. Some, however, who spent the second half of the season separated in the house with the team will not help… Vote 6,5.

Close a point-a very good Perez, who started from the pit lane to have stumbled on a silly penalty during the free trials (for which the blame, in our opinion, is more of the team that monitored the directions of the commissioners). Little evil: once again, the mexican has recovered in race one position after another, confirming to be one of the pilots to be more effective in circulation, and insisting on a chronic difference with respect to the companion Stroll.

Rather, voting 5 to Kvyat after what happened in Mexico with Hulkenberg has thought to replicate in Austin, attacking with a little too much vehemence Perez, except for finishing then penalized: it’s good to try until the end, but it is not that the last lap is worth all…

Finally, outside the points, but always in the hearts of many fans, vote 7 for the commitment to Raikkonen, who to Austin in the first half of the race, finally came back to look out the area points, without then having to give in to the technical superiority of the opponents. Sin.

Raikkonen fuori dai punti ad Austin

Raikkonen out of the points in Austin

GP USA 2019, the report cards

Hamilton 10 and praise

Bottas 10 and praise

Verstappen 9

Albon 8,5

Ricciardo 8,5

Norris 7,5

Vettel 7

Sainz 7

Raikkonen 7

Hulkenberg 6,5

Leclerc 6,5

Kvyat 5