Amatrice, the school named after Sergio Marchionne

It’s been antitolata to Sergio Marchionne, the school of Amatrice, new polo all-encompassing built after the tragic earthquake of August 24, 2016. “Ferrari is proud to extend a hand to these students honouring the memory of Sergio Marchionne,” said the president of the Maranello company and of the group FCA, John Elkann.

Ferrari showed right away his closeness to the peoples hit by the earthquake: it was the chief executive officer, in August 2016, to announce the auction in Daytona of the five hundredth copy of “Apr, to raise funds for those who were affected by the earthquake.

The 6.5 million euro of the proceeds from the auction of copy number 500 jeep has been used for the school of Amatrice, now is already operational and linked to the memory of Marchionne. Of the former group CEO of the FCA, who passed away in July 2018, Elkann has told to the boys of Amatrice: “Sergio asked how Ferrari could be present to give you hope in the difficult times in which it was important to think to look to the future and to rebuild.”