AMB 001, the motion of Aston Martin presented at EICMA 2019

From the new collaboration between Aston Martin and Brough Superior was born the Aston Martin AMB 001, the first motorcycle in the history of the House of Gaydon.

Presented at EICMA 2019, the AMB 001 is a special series, the production of which is limited to 100 copies, which can be used only on the track, since it is not homologated for on-road use.

It is a sport from the very innovative design and the original that is inspired by the cars in the uk. The tail is very tapered and elusive filleted up to the front without solution of continuity.

Interesting the chassis, which uses a motor carrier and mounts in carbon fiber and titanium in order to support the saddle (handmade genuine leather) and the attack of the front suspension of type Fior the quadrilateralgeometry in the past, also used by BMW with the name ” Duolever.

The engine is a 998 cc V-88° equipped with a variable geometry turbo, capable of delivering a maximum power of 180 HP, or one for every kilo of the bike dry weighs in at precisely 180 kg. The transmission is a removable, 6-speed, while the clutch is equipped with technology APTC. The distribution is a mixed chain/cascade of gears.

The price is 108.000 € with 20% VAT. Manufactured in France in the factory, Brough Superior of Toulouse, the Aston Martin AMB 001 will come to the customers who have booked in the fall of 2020.