BMW, poised on the electric, but also space for the hydrogen. Word of the CEO Zipse

BMW pushes the accelerator in the path towards sustainable mobility. “In the course of the next few years, we will continue to increase the number of electric vehicles in our range. In Europe, we are pursuing a logic of growth ambitious for our cars green: will constitute a quarter of our sales volume in 2021, one-third in 2025, and half in 2030,” explained the CEO of the house of the Helix, Oliver Zipse, on the occasion of the presentation of the financial data of the group in the third quarter of 2019.

Zipse says that BMW is ready to make a change is imminent. “We expect that the mobility is sustainable face some significant steps forward from 2021 onwards, when they come into force the new emissions standards of the European Union. We confirm our strong commitment in complying with the requirements imposed by the regulations in the EU and in the rest of the world. We have always been respectful of the law and that we always get prepared for the necessary changes, as in the case of the WLTP and RDE THE”.

Electric, yes, but also hydrogen, in the future of BMW. “The technology, the fuel cell remains an option for the future – confirmation Zipse. We should be able to be able to offer this power supply in the second half of the next decade; then the hydrogen could be become relevant as a crucial part of a renewable energy system”.

The next cars full electric to enter the line-up of BMW, remember Zipse, will be the iX3, in 2020; the i4, in 2021, and the iNEXT, always in 2021. Waiting for the final changeover to electric, tout court, the customers of BMW seem to like especially the technology PHEVS. “Our potential buyers want to of plug-in hybrid because they can choose them as the only car to use. Not have to worry about autonomy, and they can become familiar with the sustainable mobility in everyday life. People are a lot less reluctant to buy a plug-in hybrid compared to an electric.

“In any case – adds Zipse – our customers expect to always drive a real BMW, regardless of the engine. We are able to offer consumers the model they prefer – whether, for example, of the BMW 5 Series sedan, or the X3 – with different power supplies: this is what we call the power of choice. For this reason, in 2021 we are developing flexible platforms, designed for rear-wheel drive and integral. We can match different motors on the same architecture, and integrate them in our production lines”.